3.17 Lost and Found


Original Air Date: March 9, 1992 Production Number: 77517
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider Directed by: Steve Robman

Joel (writes letter): Life here is so elemental. So real. Without the interference of civilization you can really experience things like, ... silence. Silence and darkness in its purity. Right now, right outside my window all I can see is a black void. Endless darkness. It's totally exhilarating, ... and I feel very lucky to be here. Very, very, very lucky.

Log line (1): Joel discovers his cabin is haunted, Eve is worried that she is suffering from an exotic illness, and Maurice is disappointed when his old friend from Korea turns out to be less than perfect.
Synopsis (1):

Joel hears a human-like sound inside his cabin one night. He mentions it to Ruth-Anne who tells him about Jack, a young man who committed suicide forty years before in Joel’s cabin. To ease Joel’s mind Maggie brings in an exorcist, but Joel refuses to let him work when he finds out Jack’s soul may be doomed to hell because suicide is a mortal sin. Maggie tells Joel he identifies with Jack’s situation as both are single, well-educated, thirtyish and cynical. But when Maggie points out that like Jack, Joel has no friends in Cicely and would never be mourned, he decides to invite everyone to a barbeque.

Eve, a well-known hypochondriac, appears in Joel’s office insisting on a complete examination. Joel demands that she leave, because the last time they met she held him captive in her cabin for days. They eventually come to an understanding and Joel agrees to run a series of extensive tests on her. But when the results come back, Eve is surprised to learn that she isn't dying -- but the rabbit has.

Maurice is excited because Gordon (guest star Noble Willingham), his former commanding officer in Korea, is coming to Cicely for a visit. Upon his arrival, Gordon asks Maurice to invest in a lodge he is building in Montana, which takes Maurice by surprise. Gordon later reveals he did not become an astronaut because he was disinterested but because he did not meet the qualifications, leaving Maurice to face the fact that his lifelong idol is not perfect.

(Production Bible)

Joel writes a letter to “Mark” who did it -- Methodist, DeBakey. Last month Cicely had a four point trembler; Mel’s Guns & Ammo building demolished. “Jack” aka John R. Larson, died in 1948: 30 yrs. Old, unmarried, white male, short dark brown hair, brown eyed geologist from Indianapolis, prospecting for gold; after blowing out his brains, he wrote, “alone...alone” on a wall with his blood (?). Hollings bar was called The Bearded Nail back then. Why Maurice idolizes Gordon: spring of ’51, they were sent to hit a bridge near Taegu; Gordon flew lead, Maurice & kid named Davis were his wing men; Davis was hit and went down; Maurice and Gordon took out the bridge, but in his report, Gordon said Davis hit the bridge so his family would get that Navy cross. Joel's grandma taught him how to make burgers with breadcrumbs.

Facts to Wax:
(Production Bible)

Joel’s got three years, eight months, twenty-two days and fifteen hours left to his sentence. It’s been three years since med school for Joel. Gordon asks Maurice to invest $60,000 in his Montana lodge and Maurice totals his Caddy. Ruth-Anne has the town records in her cellar, along with marmots. Eve collects fin de siecle bronze; Adam writes a column for the New Republic and is lecturing at Cordon Bleu.

Guest stars (9): Eve - Valerie Mahaffey
Dave the Cook - William J. White
Emile - Time Winters
Colonel Gordon McKern - Noble Willingham
Mr. Swanson - Gary Taylor (Also appeared in 1.2, 2.5, 3.5, 4.3, 5.20, 6.11)
Patron - Robert J. Zenk (Also appeared in 3.5, Thanks Bobby!)
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Sin Ti - Bud and Travis
[Joel finds out about Jack.]

Again Tonight - John Mellencamp
[Maggie works on the truck and Joel demands a new cabin.]

Side by Side - Kay Starr
[Maurice introduces the Colonel to everyone in the Brick.]

Terrible Thing - Booker T. and the MGs
[Chris talks about a brick from Mel's guns & ammo.]

Mein Herr Marquis
[Ruth-Anne and Eve discuss antacids.]

Ave Veru
[Joel looks over Jack's things. Maggie brings an exorcist.]

Calliope Rag American Sampler
[Chris talks on the air about the dead.]

Poor Butterfly - Benny Goodman
[Joel's party.]

Common Threads - Bobby McFerrin
[End - group picture.]

Shelly’s Earrings: Watermelons [Talks to Maurice about his car and the Coloniel coming to town.]
Ed's Movie References: Ghost (1990)
[Joel asks Ed if he believes in ghosts.] (Thanks John!) 
Additional Notes:

When digging in the basement of the general store, Ruth-Anne finds a picture of The Bearded Nail. This was the name of the Brick in the movie The Runner Stumbles. It’s also a tawdry jab at the Brick’s sign.

Maurice and the Colonel fish for Dolly Vardens.

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