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Footnotes and additional research:

1. The Revised and Updated Northern Exposure Book, 2nd Ed. by Louis Chunovic (1995)

The Offical Publication of the Television Series (Based on the Universal Television Series "Northern Exposure" Created by Joshua Brand & John Falsey)

2. Revised NE Bible: New and Improved for 94-95 season! Memo from: Ursula Wendel and Cynthia Cohen- Gugisch

Date: April 25, 1995

Distribution: Production, David Chase, Siane Frolov, Andy Schneider, Jeff Melvoin, Robin Green, Mitch Burgess, Sam Egan, Ursula Wendel, Cynthia Cohen-Gugisch, Kelli Kozak, Cheryl Block, Martin Brustle, Joe Lazarov, Steve Turner, Gianna Smart, Lisa Koontz, Dani Morris, Thomas Moore, Brainna London, Adam Wolfe, Denise Dobbs

3. Print-out of Jude Shabry's music list from the Moose's Guide to Northern Exposure (No longer online)

4. Rolling Stone magazine online

5. Geoff's Miscellany (No longer online -- link is to an archived site)

6. Kevin Wright's Culture NX (No longer online)

7. MCA TV Promotional Kit dated 9/27/95

Episodes guides, production information, Production notes, Extended Family, Northern Exposure Awards and Nominations, Biographies

8. The Northern Exposure Book, 1st Ed. (1993) by Louis Chunovic

The Official Publication of the Television Series (Based on the Universal television series "Northern Exposure")

9. Internet Movie Database list of NoEx Guests.

10. Exposing Northern Exposure, (1992) by Scott Nance

The behind-the-scenes, unauthorized story of America's most unique television show.

11. The Northern Exposure Cookbook, (1993) by Ellis Weiner

A Community Cookbook From the Heart of the Alaskan Riviera

Based on the Universal television series Northern Exposure created by Joshua Brand & John Falsey

12. Letters from Cicely, (1992) by Ellis Weiner

A Northern Exposure Book: Hilarious, touching and downright peculiar, Letters From Cicely, reveals the innermost thoughts and dreams of the whole "Northern Exposure" gang -- Fleischman, O'Connell, Maurice Minnifield, Chris "In the Morning" Stevens, Ed Chigliak, and more. Grab this chance to explore the lives of the colorful denizens of Cicely, alaska. It's like having your own barstool at Roslyn's Cafe -- without the mooseburgers.

13. Chris-in-the-Morning - Love, Life, and the Whole Karmic Enchilada, (1993) Compiled and edited by Louis Chunovic

Based on the Universal television series "Northern Exposure created by Joshua Brand & John Falsey

14. Northern Exposures, (1993) by Rob Morrow

An intimate look at life on the set of Northern Exposure. Before Northern Exposure, Rob Morrow spent a lot of time between acting jobs taking photographs. When he moved to Seattle, Washington, near Roslyn, where the series is filmed, he continued to carry his camera with him on the set. Becasue of the intimacy he shares with the cast and crew he was given unusual access that helped him capture all of the people and happenings that are the fictional town of Cicely.

In Northern Exposures, Morrow shares some of his favorite photos perfectly capture the surreal quality of this imaginative show and, along with the introduction and warm and personal reminiscences Rob has written, Northern Exposure offers a unique mix of real life and make-believe that fans will love.

15. Film and Television In-Jokes, (1998) Bill Van Heerden


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