Dr. Joel Fleischman





Joel with golf clubs

Rob Morrow portrays Dr. Joel Fleischman, the quintessential "fish-out-of water." Joel is an inveterate New Yorker who has been reluctantly transplanted to the remote town of Cicely, forced by the state of Alaska to serve as town doctor for four years (later becomes five for "inerest") in accordance with the terms of his medical school tuition loan (he owes $125,000 to Columbia University for medical school). He did his residency at Mount Zion.

Immediately welcomed by the oddball locals of Cicely, the reluctant Joel struggles to operate in the sparse, make-shift medical office set up for him and has trouble accepting what passes for "normal" behavior in this eccentric little town. The only Jew in the Borough of Arrowhead County and miles away from his fiancee Elaine, Joel slowly adjusts to life in Cicely. (Adapted from old A&E NX web site)

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