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The Elders:

Lester Haynes (Apesanahkwat) is Maurice's arch business rival, who has successfully scammed Maurice on a few deals. His holdings exceed even Minnifield enterprises. (top)

Apesanahkwat has been in several films including Stolen Women, Captured Hearts, a made-for-TV movie also featuring NoEx cast member Janine Turner. He also had a regular role on Walker, Texas Ranger.

Appeared in episodes 5.5, 5.20, 5.22, 6.9, and 6.19.

See more on Native Celebs and Dream Weaver bio.

One Who Waits - Floyd Red Crow Westerman - moved to another spot.


Leonard Quinhagak - moved to another spot.

From Moose Days 1999 pix.

Armenia Miles played Mrs. Whirlwind/Mrs. Anku. She is Elaine Miles' real life mom. She originally tried out for the part of Marilyn and that is how Elaine was discovered. (top)

She was Mrs. Anku in 1.2 Brains, Know-How and Native Intelligence, and Mrs.Whirlwind in 3.9.

Rosetta Pintado was most known for her role as Mrs. Noanuk, the town elder who gives Joel a goat in 3.12 Our Tribe. Mrs. Pintado was active in Seattle area theatre since Northern Exposure, but now declares herself retired. "It's my time to play Bingo," she declared.

Appears in 2.2, 3.12, and 4.21.


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