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Bernard Stevens (Richard Cummings, Jr.) is Chris' African-American half-brother. The two discovered each other during one of Chris' winter solstice projects, drawn together by mutual dreams and strange occurrences. Their father, a travellin' man, alternated the two families, maintaining two completely separate lives. (1.8 Aurora Borealis).

A CPA for the I.R.S. in Portland, Bernard was driven by odd dreams to quit his job, sell his condo, buy a Harley and head north. Arriving in Cicely decked out in leather, he and Chris discovered a bizarre subconscious link that included dreaming the same dreams and finishing one another's sentences. They accidently discovered that they have the same father, who was able to maintain two separate lives and families under the guise of a career that required extensive travel.

Appears in episodes 1.8, 3.7, 3.21, 3.22, 4.12, 4.18, 4.22, 5.4 and 6.15.

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Picture from Moosebook E-cards.

Duk Won Minnifield (Kwi Hyun Song also listed as James Song) floored Maurice when he appeared at the doorstep of KBHR. He is Maurice's Korean son, born to a woman that Maurice knew during the war. (top)

Appears in episodes 3.10 and 4.24.

Wendy Schaal played Tammy Tambo, Shelly's Mom. She was born July 2, 1954 in Chicago. Her father is actor Richard Schaal and she was a step-daughter of actress Valerie Harper. She's been in several films, TV movies, and guest TV roles. (top)

Appears in episode 3.18.

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