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Leonard and totem pole

Leonard Quinhagak (pronounced QUINN-uh-hawk), portrayed by Graham Greene, is the local shaman, or healer. Marilyn's (Elaine Miles) cousin, Leonard has been practicing medicine since he was twelve, learning a very orthodox, traditional discipline, yet with no conventional medical training. An Indian in his mid-forties, Leonard is relaxed and easy going, so much so that he spends hours with patients, days sometimes, fishing with them, eating with them and spending the night in their homes just to make a correct diagnosis. Leonard often mysteriously appears as Cicely's resident shaman, healing and offering advice. He was the first to point out the "calling" in Ed and serves as his mentor.

Greene was born in Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada. A full-blooded Oneida, Greene was best known for his role in Dances With Wolves (1990), which was nominated for best performance by an actor in a supporting role. He also appeared with Al Pacino in Revolution (1985); co-starred with Robby Benson in Running Brave (1983); and played a Vietnam vet in the comedy adventure, Powwow Highway (1989).

Greene also makes frequent appearances on TV, generally playing quietly dignified characters on shows like "L.A. Law," "Northern Exposure" and "Murder, She Wrote." He also proved effective in less traditional fare such as "Where the Spirit Lives" (1990) for PBS' "American Playhouse" and the HBO film The Last of His Tribe (1992), in which he played the last survivor of the Yahi nation. He turned in a superb, laconic performance as a reservation cop who teaches rookie FBI man Val Kilmer a thing or two in Michael Apted's sober environmental thriller, Thunderheart (1992). Greene remains active in the Toronto theater community, where he has appeared in over a dozen productions. He has a reoccuring role on The Red Green Show.


Appears in episodes 3.19, 4.19, 5.1, 5.7, and 5.8.

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