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Maurice watching fireworks

Maurice thrilled by fireworks in 5.14 Bolt From the Blue.

Maurice Minnifield, played by Barry Corbin, is town patriarch of Cicely. A burly ex-astronaut and gung-ho president of the Cicely Chamber of Commerce, Maurice sees Cicely as a haven of limitless potential, soon to be the new "Alaskan Riviera." He also feels it is his duty to keep Dr. Fleischman (Rob Morrow) practicing in Cicely to secure the town's future urbanization. He is a connoisseur of fine wines and enjoys listening to show tunes. (adapted from the old A&E NX web site)

Maurice employs Ed as his all-around assistant and fills in as a kind of father figure for him. He came to Cicely somewhere around 1970, when he first met Holling. Maurice met Shelly Marie Tambo, a contestant in a beauty pagent he was judging. He brought Shelly to Cicely where she ends up falling for Holling. Holling and Maurice's friendship takes a turn but eventually survives.

Maurice enlisted in the Marines at 16 - forging his father's signature. While in Korea, he had a brief relationship with a woman and unknown to him, she gives bith to his son, Duk Won. He meets his "instant family" in 3.10 Seoul Mates.

Maurice arrived in Cicely 20 years ago, bought 15,000 acres of land, started a newspaper and radio station. (1.1 Pilot)

Maurice falls for Officer Barbara Semanski.

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