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Original Air Date: May 6, 1991 Production Number: 77405
Written by: David AssaelDirected by: Rob Thompson

Chris: Wildness, Ed. We're running out of it, even up here in Alaska. People need to be reminded that the world is unsafe and unpredictable, and at a moment's notice, they could lose everything, like that. I do it to remind them that chaos is always out there, lurking beyond the horizon. That, plus, sometimes, Ed, sometimes you have to do something bad, just to know you're alive.

Log line (1):

Temporary madness sweeps through Cicely as the townfolk await the ice meltdown and the arrival of spring.

Synopsis (1):

The citizens of Cicely are overcome with fits of inexplicable craziness as they anxiously await for the arrival of spring, marked by the breaking of the ice. The first sign of madness is the return of a mysterious kleptomaniac who strikes only during the meltdown each year. While Ed plays amateur detective and tries to track down the thief, the rest of the townfolk are seemingly out of control.

Maurice falls for Sergeant Semanski (guest star Diane Delano), a female state trooper sent to investigate the town's thefts, who is more of a man than Maurice is. Holling tries feverishly to instigate fights with just about everybody, while Shelly uncharacteristically dives into classic literature. Maggie tries to ignore her numerous sexual fantasies of Joel by fervently knitting and cooking, while Joel -- whose libido is on overdrivc becomes obsessed with satisfying his carnal desires. The extended period of madness culminates with the annual "Running of the Bulls," when the men of Cicely run through town in freezing temperature stark naked.

Background (2):

Fritz Hyman has a pin in his jaw from a previous Holling hit. Maurice had fifteen confirmed kills over Pusan. Joel did the NY marathon; made it to Greenpoint Ave. in Brooklyn before he passed out.

Facts to Wax (2):

Joel is rejected by potential date/Eskimo Betty (Janine), because she thinks he looks like a chipmunk. Maurice has a weight room. Barbara is the state police All-Division Boxing Champ and curls 85 pounds, each arm. Ed speaks an Eskimo dialect. More Annuals: The Meltdown Dance; Running of the Bulls (naked male Cicelians).

Guest stars (9): Sergeant Barbara Semanski - Diane Delano
Lumberjack - Gregg Loughridge (Also appeared 4.12)
Gary McClellan - John Mese
Knockout #1 - Jill Pierce
Knockout #2 - Mary Anderson
Logger - Gary Taylor (Also appeared in 1.2, 3.5, 3.17, 4.3, 5.20, 6.11)
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

D.W. Suite - Lindsey Buckingham
[opening - outdoor shots of snowy Cicely. Closing - Running of the Bulls.]

Crazy - Patsy Cline
[Joel picks up a lingerie magazine at Ruth-Anne's.]

Big Bad Bill - Leon Redbone
[Holling is itching for a fight. Ed announces Joel's radio was stolen.]

Simply Irresistible - Robert Palmer
[Joel's Robert Palmer video dream.]

Bon Soir Dame - Bud and Travis
[Maurice announces his boom box was stolen.]

El Cajon - Stan Getz
[Chris reads from "Where the Wild Things Are" on the air.]

Everybody be Yo Self - Chic Streetman (on the Music From Northern Exposure soundtrack)
[Spring break party in the Brick. Maggie and Joel kiss passionately in the kitchen.]

Aria from "La Wally" - Diva soundtrack recording
[Ed confronts Chris about stealing.]

Tea With Alice (also appears in 2.2 and 3.2)
[Joel and Maggie confess that they've been fantasizing about each other.]

Shelly’s Earrings: Watermelon halves [Tells Marilyn that Holling wants to fight.]
Blue vinyl records [Confesses to Joel that the coming of Spring makes her want to read.]
Globes [At the Spring party in the Brick.]
Bowling pin & ball [At fight between Holling & Barbara]
Literature: D.H. Lawrence "The Rainbow"
Maurice Sendak "Where the WIld Things Are"

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