2.4 What I Did for Love


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Original Air Date: April 29, 1991 Production number: 77403
Written by:
Ellen Herman Directed by: Steve Robman

Ed Chigliak: Dr. Fleischman?
Dr. Joel Fleischman: Ed?
Shelly Tambo Vincoeur: [interrupting] Two moose burgers medium well...
Ed Chigliak: Now I've lost my train of thought.
Dr. Joel Fleischman: You said, "Dr. Fleischman."
Ed Chigliak: Oh, right. (from the IMDB collection of NX Quotes.)
Log line (1): Maggie dreams of Joel's death in a plane crash as he prepares for a trip back to his native New York. Maurice continues a long-time affair with an astronaut groupie.
Synopsis (1):

Joel thinks twice about a scheduled visit to New York when the townspeople take exceptionally well to his substitute, a Jewish doctor from New York. However, the similarities between the two end there. Dr. Gingsberg (guest star Leo Geter), a strapping blond man with an engaging smile, charms the residents of Cicely immediately, leaving Joel feeling jealous.

Maggie, meanwhile, is reluctant to warn Joel of the dreams she has been having of his impending death in a plane crash. But feeling compelled, she warns him not to fly anywhere. As she expected and dreaded, Joel interprets it to mean that Maggie has feelings for him.

Maurice tries to keep his ongoing affair with a married astronaut groupie (guest star Elizabeth Huddle) a secret from the town.

(Production Bible):

In 1932, founders Cicely (jowley, on the heavy side) & Roslyn's car stalled in the area; two lesbians who couldn't find acceptance in polite Billings society. [MC: Ends up Cicely is the petite, delicate one and Roslyn in "jowley, on the heavy side - oops.]

Joel, from 139th & Main in Flushing, went to Bronx Science; bar mitzvah with Richie Marx; Temple Beth Shalom.

Ingrid and Maurice met at Canaveral.

Maggie's lost four boyfriends including Harry, and Roy, who loved Sushi. (Rick's in the Aleutians during this episode.)
[MC: In 4.1 Northwest Passages, Maggie's dead boyfriends don't include Roy or Harry, but are Rick, Glen, Bruce, David and Steve.]

Facts to Wax
(Production Bible):
Maurice is allergic to mohair.
Founder's Day is an annual event.
Willow Ptarmigan: state bird of Alaska
Marilyn is teaching Ginsburg the Tlingit dialect.
Cicely has a Video Society.
Guest stars (9): Dr. David Ginsberg - Leo Geter
Indrid Klochner - Elizabeth Huddle
Mrs. Streisand - Laura Kenny
Mr. Streisand - ?
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

• The Sunshine of Love - Louis Armstrong
[Ingrid, Maurice's groupie, comes to town.]

• Overture "The King and I" cast recording
[Maurice and Ingrid in bed.]

• Buck's Neuvelle Jole Blon - Buckwheat Zydeco
[Ed tried to persuade Joel to sell his plane ticket.]

• I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy "South Pacific" cast recording
[Joel daydreams what Cicely would be line without him.]

• On the Street Where You Live "My Fair Lady" cast recording
[Ingrid tells Maurice that he stops breathing in his sleep.]

• I Could Have Danced All Night "My Fair Lady" cast recording
[ Ingrid suggests she stay in town that night.]

• I'm a Little Teapot
[Dave sings with the children.]

• Lullaby - Maureen Forrester
[ Joel daydreams about his upcoming flight.]

• You Do Something to Me - Sinead O'Connor
[Maggie dances around her apartment.]

• Mr. Streisand's Tango - David Schwartz
[ Joel, Maggie and Mr. Streisand play Clue.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Green dice [At Dr. Fleischman's "funeral"]

Additional Notes:

Joel mentions he is supposed to get tickets to Sinead O'Connor when he returns to NY; later when he is helping Maggie bring in her chair, he mentions her Cole Porter album and Sinead O'Connor singing "You Do Something to Me." This was on "Red Hot and Blue - a tribute to Cole Porter" in 1991.

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