Eve (Valerie Mahaffey) can generally be described as the world's worst hypochondriac. She once chained Joel to her cabin in order to have a doctor present for any emergency. Heiress to a $22 million tungsten fortune, Eve can afford all her medical expenses. (1)

Eve is Adam's recent bride, a hypochondriac of epic proportions. Extremely well-versed on medical terms and diseases from her many hours in doctors' offices, she is a reformed Christian Scientist and heiress of twenty-two rnillion dollars. In her first encounter with Dr. Fleischman (Rob Morrow), Eve skulled him with a frying pan and shackled him chain-gang style so she could have a 24-hour on-call physician. Formerly a publicist in Manhattan, she met Adam at a book party where he was the caterer and together they left Manhattan to get away from all the toxins. Valerie Mahaffey won a 1992 Emmy Award for her portrayal of Eve.

From Meg in the newsgroup:
I love finding references on Northern Exposure to stuff that leads to interesting research! For example, Aldrich. Go to: here and read all about Aldrich Ames, CIA agent/Russian spy. Ah ha! What better name for Adam's baby than Aldrich? (big grin).

. now defunct A&E Northern Exposure site
2. Internet Movie Database

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