6.3 Shofar, So Good


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Original Air Date: October 3, 1994 Production Number: 77804
Written by: Jeff MelvoinDirected by: Jim Hayman

"Aie, Joel ..."
Log line (1): Joel discovers a kinder and gentler way on Yom Kippur; Holling learns to forgive himself for not being there for his first daughter; Maurice holds the annual foxhunt without a fox.
Synopsis (1):

As Marilyn leaves for a three-day 11+ family reunion, Joel threatens to fire her for leaving in the middle of a hayfever epidemic. And when Eugene asks him to pitch in and help rebuild Hayden's house, he has no sympathy. Later that night, Rabbi Schulman appears like the ghost in A Christmas Carol to show Joel Yom Kippur past, present and future. The "ghost of Yom Kippur" reveals the effects of his callousness toward others and, the next day, he apologizes to Marilyn and goes out of his way to help Hayden rebuild his house.

Meanwhile, Maurice is determined to impress Lady Anne Reynolds, the guest of honor for this year's foxhunt, with a fox he has shipped in from England for the hunt. When the fox escapes into Ruth-Anne's sympathetic hands and she gives him sanctuary in her rabbit pen, he feels outmaneuvered and humiliated. As she is leaving town, Lady Anne reveals her frustration with Maurice for not being forward with her and being so concerned with her aristocratic heritage.

Working through his own need for atonement, Holling sends Jackie, his troubled older daughter, a plane ticket hoping a visit with Randi will help her. When he learns that she cashed in the ticket, he is heartbroken and tormented by guilt for not being around to nurture and raise her properly. As a shaman-in-training, Ed wants to help heal Holling's pain and discovers a way to also have Maurice's foxhunt.

Using the story Joel told him about "The Day of Atonement" where the high priest would symbolically place the sins of the community on the head of a goat and turn it loose in the desert, Ed runs as the fox to turn loose Holling's sin.

(Production Bible)

The tea of choice: Grace Superb 6000, a second flush Darjeeling grown exclusively on estates above 6,000 feet.

Guy Le Fleur has a Derain.

Chris sports a new, cropped hairdo.

Lady Anne Reynolds can trace her ancestors back to Agincourt. Her great-great-great grandfather fought at Trafalgar.

Rabbi Schulman's wardrobe includes ancient robes and a ceremonial hat (Pharisee look), a white talit and kepah and a somber, three-piece suit, homburg and sunglasses.

Quirkiest props: Rabbi Schulman's business card and Joel's shofar (ram's horn).

Most Memorable Quote: "A girl doesn't travel half the world merely to follow the hounds, Maurice..."

Guest stars (9): Rabbi Schulman - Jerry Adler
Patient- Al Devreste
Hayden Keyes - James L. Dunn
Lady Ann - Jill Gascoine
Helen Le Fleur - Lori Larsen
Guy Le Fleur - Bob Morrisey
Amy (the pilot) - Michelle Thrush

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

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Shelly’s Earrings: Pink Airplanes [Waits for Jackie at the airstrip.]
Little pieces of sushi [Says goodbye to Joel in his Yom Kippur sequence.]
Additional Notes:

A Moosechick top 5!

Hayden Louis Keyes - his full name.

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