5.24 Lovers and Madmen





Original Air Date: May 23, 1994 • Production number: 77724
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Jim Hayman

Joel: First I thought it was numbness, shock. The inability to believe that a just God could allow someone to destroy a gold mine of prehistoric knowledge for a year's worth of Salisbury steak...Life is a mystery. One man's life-altering experience is another man's tenderloin. I'm one of you now. I'm a Cicelean.
Log line (1): Joel discovers a perfectly-preserved woolly mammoth; Maurice breaks a concert violinist out of an asylum for a private performance; Chris gets a rude awakening when his high-school crush visits.
Synopsis (1):

Joel finds a woolly mammoth frozen just beneath the surface of a glacier and is thrilled with his discovery. When he brings an expert to view the impressive beast, the site is devastated by a bulldozer with not a trace of the remains. Joel follows the tractor tracks, which lead to Walt, who is having the barbecue of a lifetime. He is staggered to hear that Walt, who says mammoth meat is a delicacy, has been eyeing the animal for years, just waiting for the big thaw. Still dazed, Joel realizes that he has experienced a deep and fundamental change in his acceptance that life is a mystery - he has truly become a Cicelian.

Maurice convinces the resident doctor to give Cal Ingraham (guest star Simon Templeman), ex-concert violinist and inmate at a hospital for the criminally insane, a one-day furlough to perform for Officer Barbara Semanski's (guest star Diane Delano) birthday. After a sumptuous dinner for two, Cal begins to play Maurice's rare violin, seducing her with the hypnotic music. The next morning, Maurice is glowing, until he discovers that Cal is AWOL and Barbara hears that Maurice bribed the doctor to release him. Maurice and Holling track Cal to an abandoned shed and Maurice stands guard while Holling brings in the police. Cal's devastation and lack of will to play music anymore touches Maurice and, when Barbara arrives, he lies that Cal was never there and allows him to escape.

Chris is madly cleaning the radio station because his high-school crush (guest star Carol Barbee), is coming for a visit. He remembers her as a goddess yet, when she arrives, he doesn't even recognize this moderately pretty woman. Distracted by her appearance, Chris tries to cover his disappointment and concern that he remembered her "completely wrong." The next day, she shows up and Chris, in his wacked-out state, sees her as a hideous witch and totally offends her. As she gets ready to leave, he realizes that he created an unrealistic image of her in his mind. He finally sees her through unclouded eyes and views her as the stunning beauty he remembered.

(Production Bible):

Maurice borrows bloodhounds Roscoe and Ernie from the warden at Harrisonville for the search. [Characters from the TV show Dukes of Hazzard.]

The love of Walt's life was Beatrice Andersen, who lost her hair to Alopecia. He was too young and foolish to see beyond the illness. [Actor Barry Corbin has been diagnosed with Alopecia but I am not sure if it was during the NX filming or later.]

After Joel's latest episode, he throws in the towel, proclaiming himself a Cicelian at last.

(Production Bible):

Ed's movie references: Sleepless in Seattle

Champagne of the Week: Cristal

Guest stars (9): Walt - Moultrie Patten
Cal - Simon Templeman
Sgt. Semanski - Diane Delano
Meredith #1 - Carol Barbee
Meredith #2 - Mary Sabetto
Meredith #3 - Darlene Vogel
Dr. Carver - Bob Morrisey
Prof. Bob Peckering - Wayne Pere
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ. * Indicates correct song on the DVD.)

[Help! I need names of missing tunes from the original airings - email me.]

• a Sally Van Meter tune

Someone Loves You - Simon Bonney [From the More Music From Northern Exposure Soundtrack.]
[Chris in the Brick with Meredith #1.]

• an island-sounding song
[Maurice begs Holling to help him find Cal.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Violins [With Chris meets Meredith #2.]

Additional Notes :

This episode wasn't intended to be the finale of Season 5. 6.6 Zarya was supposed to be the finale but apparently wasn't completed in time.

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