5.12 Mister Sandman





Original Air Date: January 10, 1994 Production number: 77706
Written by:
Diane Frolov and Andrew SchneiderDirected by: Michael Fresco

Holling: I'm my mother. I'm my father. I'm chipped beef on toast?!
Log line (1): When the Aurora Borealis goes haywire, everyone in Cicely is swapping dreams; Holling develops a severe psychosomatic aversion to food; Maurice deals with his fetish for women's footwear.
Synopsis (1):

The Northern Lights are out of kilter and everyone in Cicely is having each others' dreams. Maggie's unsettling dream about a rude French Canadian who orders her to drive him around turns out to be Holling's recurring dream about his father. Joel dreams about living in Candyland and sleepwalks to Ruth-Anne's store looking for Sweet Tarts, which are the dreams of a young boy whom Joel told not to eat candy to lower his blood sugar. Chris runs a matchup service over the radio to unite dreams with their proper owners.

Holling has developed an acute nausea toward all foods and comes to Joel for help. In an attempt to use dream therapy, Maggie joins the sessions since she is having all of Holling's dreams. They discover that Maggie's/Holling's unpleasant dream about a mean French Canadian is based on Holling's traumatizing experience as a ten-year-old, when his father forced him to be his chauffeur. Further analysis reveals that Holling's psychosis is based in the fear of being a terrible father. Once he accepts that he can be kind and giving like his mother, rather than belittling and bullying like his father, he is cured.

Ron (guest star Doug Ballard) dreams about women's shoes and is surprised to discover he has such a passe fetish. In one dream, he sees his reflection in the mirror and, shockingly, it turns out to be Maurice. Like schoolboys with a naughty secret, Ron and Erick (guest star Don R. McManus) tease Maurice about his passion for ladies' footwear. With his back up, Maurice accuses them of cheating at poker in a tense confrontation. After a lecture from Ruth-Anne that sex is the jungle and anything goes, Maurice makes peace with Ron and Erick as well as with his own urges.

(Production Bible):

Ron and Erick have a weekly poker night at the B & B.

Chris says that Walt told him that the last time the Northern Lights went ballistic was in '57.

Holling's father's name was Jean Jacques Vincouer. His mother was compassionate woman.

(Production Bible):

TREND WATCH: hot food in Cicely -- paella. It's this year's haricots verts and everyone's talking about it.

J'aime le chien francais! Can we make him a regular?

Guest stars (9): Erick Reese Hillman - Don McManus
Ron Bantz - Doug Ballard
Walter 'Walt' Kupfer - Moultrie Patten
Dave the Cook - William J. White
Jean Jacques Vincoeur - Clement von Franckenstein
Shoe Customer - Delia Sheppard
Bruce - David Pichette
Party Guest - Alyce LaTourelle

Nora - Carol Jean Anderson  

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ. * Indicates correct song on the DVD.)

Luck Be a Lady (Guys and Dolls) - Frank Loesser
[Ron, Erick, Chris, Joel and Maurice talk about their dreams at the poker game.]

Guitar Ray - Sylvester Weaver

Won't You Let Me Go - Buckwheat Zydeco
[In the Brick, Shelly talks to Holling about his nausea.]

This Nearly Was Mine - Lindsey Buckingham

I May Want a Man - JoAnne Shenandoah

Shelly's Earring:

milk bottles (baby bottles?) [In the Brick, she talks to Holling about his nausea and the baby stroller.]
cows [Holling realizes that it's his mother that is the issue, not his father.]

Literature: One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man - Karl Jung
(Essay from the Collected Works of Carl Jung)
References from Kevin Wright's NX Culture (6):

Ref: Medea. Killed her two sons.
Ref: Olympias. Mother of Alexander the Great

Ref: Spin & Marty (Maurice calls Erick and Ron this while playing cards)
The Adventures of Spin and Marty was a serial that was shown on the Mickey
Mouse Club. It concerned the adventures of these two young boys at the Triple
R ranch.

Ref: Rogerian Therapy (Joel tries it on Holling)
Carl Rogers, 1902-1987: Rogers's client-centered therapy is among the most influential and widely
employed techniques in modern U.S. clinical psychology. This is the type of
therapy cliched by phrases such as "how do YOU feel about that?" from the

Things I Own From the Show: A lamp that appears in Holling and Shelly's Love grotto!
The Cliquot calendar on Joel's office wall.

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