1.7 A Kodiak Moment


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Original Air Date: August 23, 1990 Production number: 78708
Written by:
Steve Wasserman and Jessica KleinDirected by: Max Tash

Joel: There are four words you need to know to adequately prepare yourself for child birth - take notes here, ladies - I ... want ... my ... epidural.
Log line (1): While Maurice ponders life and death after his only brother passes away, Joel and Maggie administer childbirth classes to a group of native Alaskans in a neighboring remote village. Meanwhile, Holling finds out that "Jesse the Bear" has been sighted and vows to take care of him, once and for all.
Synopsis (1):

Feeling a great sense of loss after the death of his brother and only kin, Malcolm, Maurice decides to appoint a new beneficiary to the Minnifield fortune. After giving orphaned Chris a try as his heir, Maurice decides that he is not up to Minnifield standards and vows to live forever, instead. At the same time, Joel and Maggie experience the miracle of birth together in a neighboring remote village. Meanwhile, Ed helps Holling and loyal companion Shelly track the famed "Jesse the Bear."

(Production Bible):

Chris is temporarily homeless after a tree falls through his trailer.

Maurice's Caddie was a gift from a dealership in Houston (age established as 52 before final version).

Holling's been on the wagon since '88; put down his gun after he shot off two of Jesse's toes and dreamt every animal he ever killed was coming after him, packing heat. Jesse first appeared in summer of '84 and tangled with Holling, leaving 133 stitches down his back.

Facts to Wax
(Production Bible):

Chris originally from Wheeling, West Virginia; in the Caddie w/ "Kerry".

Alaska State motto: "North to the Future".

Guest stars (9): Sue-Ellen - Kellee Bradley (Also appeared in 3.4)
Mike - Wayne Waterman
Nancy - Teri Thomas
Phyllis - Lisa Budak
Kerry - Elise Nelson

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Stardust - Benny Goodman
[Maggie delivers a box of bagels to Joel.]

Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell
[Maurice gets the information that his brother has died.]

Caro, Nome - Verdi
[Maurice asks Chris to be his son.]

Daddy's Home - Shep & The Limelights
[Chris and Kerry in the backseat of Maurice's car.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Dice [Offers bagels to Maggie.]

Additional Notes:

Joel goes to Boswell - about a 6-hour drive from Cicely.

Inside Joke (?):
The scene where Maggie is teaching the class on birthing techniques when one of the helpers goes into labor. Dr. Joel is reading a news magazine when this happens. He takes the magazine and kneels down next to the woman. She says "It's time." Joel says, holding up the magazine, "No, it's Newsweek."
Funny line, right? Here's the kicker. In THAT ISSUE of Newsweek that Joel was reading and displaying (July 18, 1990, page 64), the series, NX, got a very, very favorable review, while Time never even paid attention to the show. When Time finally reviewed the show ("A little too flaky in Alaska" May 20 1991 Page 64), it wasn't as positive as Newsweek...
[Posted in the NX Newsgroup 9/17/92 by hank@waffle.sns.com (hankdtank). Recently found on Google and re-posted by Mags.]

Footnotes and additional research

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