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Original Air Date: October 14, 1991 Production number: 77505
Written by:
Robin Green and Sybil Adelman Directed by: Nick Marck

Grandma Woody: Because all we are, basically, are monkeys with car keys.

Log line: Maggie is confronted with the strange possibility that the late Rick has been reincarnated as a dog; Maurice sees big profits in big eggs when he discovers Marilyn owns an ostrich herd; and Ed seriously considers getting out of show business.

A big, beautiful, blue-eyed malamute comes to visit Maggie and won't leave her alone. Maggie is charmed by the canine and feels rather strange because it's as if she's known this dog for years. When it hops up on Rick's stool at Holling's Bar and eats beef jerky just like Rick did, Maggie begins to notice similarities between the dog's behavior and Rick's, but immediately dismisses the notion of reincarnation. After a series of strange coincidences, Maggie asks the dog if he is Rick, to which he barks his affirmation. Suddenly Maggie is confronted with the possibility that her dead lover has been reincarnated as a stray dog -- something everyone, except Fleischman, is willing to accept.

Maurice discovers that Marilyn owns a herd of ostriches which lay eggs the size of basketballs and proposes a business parmership. But Maurice's big business idea cracks when Marilyn finds out that the ostriches dislike him.

Despite encouragement from the locals as well as his pen pals Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, and Martin Scorsese, Ed almost pulls the plug on his film but decides to screen it for the town instead.

(Production Bible):

Joel had a pet turtle named Jimmy.

Facts to Wax
(Production Bible):
Amongst Ed's pen pals: Marty Scorcese, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg (owns his cap); also knows Carmine Coppola, Francis' cousin. But his greatest influence is Louis Malle. Grandma Woody & Ed watch the movie "Ordet", and discuss Bergman. Ed's film originally titled "The Brink of Emptiness". Big run on Progresso chicken with escarole soup at Ruth-Anne's. Ed nearing 20 years of age. Cicely population here 840; has a gas station.
Guest stars: Dog owner - Kellee Bradley (Also appeared in 1.7) [Kellee is a Seattle area musician.]
Grandma Woody - Sparkle
Crow Flies Straight - Harry Pringle (Also appeared in 4.4, 5.17) [Attended Moosefest 2005]
Jerry the Indian - Bryson Liberty
Special dog effects - Frank Welker

Time Changes Everything - Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys
[Dog eats beef jerky; sits on Rick's bar stool.]

Pathetique (Beethoven)
[Maggie fixes dog's dinner, asks if he is Rick.]

Flute Quartet--Alegretto (Kromer)
[Maurice and Marilyn talk ostrich over dinner.]

My Reason for Living - Ferlin Husky

Gotta Travel On - Chet Atkins
[Maggie tells everyone the dog is Rick.]

Praeludium from Partita #1 B-Major (Bach) [adapted by David Schwartz, Northern Exposure composer.]
[Ed watches Marilyn and Maurice walk down the street.]

My Boyfriend's Back - The Angels
[Maggie throws the dog out after she finds herself waiting on him.]

Praeludium from Partita #1 B-Major (Bach) [adapted by David Schwartz, Northern Exposure composer.]
[Ed films the town.]

Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin
[Maggie and the dog frolic in the park.]

Hip, Hug, Her - Booker T and the MGs [on the album "Music From the Television Series Northern Exposure"]
[Maggie arrives at the bar after her picnic - accuses Joel of being jealous of the dog.]

One More Kiss Dear - "Blade Runner" sound track
[Marilyn tells Maurice the deal is off; Maurice enters bar and talks with Joel.]

Praeludium from Partita #1 B-Major (Bach) [adapted by David Schwartz, Northern Exposure composer.]
[Ed's movie.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Flamingos [Rick the dog comes into the Brick.]
White dominoes [The gang discuss whether the dog is Rick.]
Hawaiian man and woman [Takes Maggie's order for her and Rick, the dog.]

Pumpkins with white dangles [During Ed's movie.]

Additional Notes:

Rick's favorite tape was REM "Green"
The script I have (Final Draft, Aug. 22, 1991) Grandma Woody is actually a young Woody Allen.
Ed skips a viewing of Wild Strawberries.

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