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Original Air Date: October 7, 1991 • Production number: 77507
Written by: Robin GreenDirected by: Miles Watkins

Oy Wilderness
[Picture from The Northern Exposure Book]

Joel: What are wolverines anyway? Are they little wolves that swarm all over you and nibble you to death?
Log line: Joel is a reluctant survival student when he and Maggie become stranded in the wilderness. Shelly's best friend Cyndy comes to Cicely asking Shelly to divorce Wayne, because Cyndy has been married to him for six months.

While Joel and Maggie are flying back from an Eskimo vaccination trip, her plane's engine fails and they are forced to make an emergency landing somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness. Joel is definitely at odds with nature so Maggie tries teaching him some basic survival skills -- like what not to eat or touch -- but Joel is too busy worrying about being attacked by anything furry. As the days pass, he submits to eating squirrel roasted over an open campfire and further surprises Maggie when he uses his surgical technique to get her plane engine going again.

Cyndy Rincon (guest star Christine Elise), Shelly's best friend, arrives in Cicely announcing that she and Wayne have been married for six months and only recently did Cyndy find out Shelly never divorced him. But Shelly resolutely refuses to divorce Wayne. Shelly, always the most popular girl, finds it difficult to accept that Cyndy has taken her place and is living the life she used to -- while she is residing in Cicely. Cyndy explains how difficult it was to always be second best while Shelly reveals it wasn't great being perfect either. Realizing life goes on, Shelly agrees to divorce Wayne and asks Chris to perform the unknotting -- since he has the power to join people in marriage, he should also have the power to tear it asunder.

(Production Bible):

Maggie used to want to be a bread baker.

Joel wanted to be center field for the Yankees (before Steinbrenner).

Facts to Wax
(Production Bible):

Wayne now starting left wing for the Saskatoon Seals (5th in the Pan-Canadian minors), sponsored by Keticut Motor Oil. He and Cyndy have been married six months.

Cyndy got her cosmetology degree from Saskatchewan College of Applied Arts; majored in hair, minored in base application.

Holling is 63 years old (in dialogue).

Guest stars: Cyndy, Shelly's best friend - Christine Elise

• Layin' Back
[Cyndy arrives at Holling's bar.]

• Can't Stop Lovin' You - Chet Atkins
[Holling and Cyndy talk about dating and marriage.]

• Celito Lindo
[Joel cooks and tries to eat seal blubber.]

• Love Song - Tesla
[Cyndy gives Marilyn a manicure; Cyndy and Shelly fight in the bathroom.]

• Love Is a Hard Game to Play - Stevie Nicks
[Shely and Cyndy talk on the bed and make up.]

• I'll See You in My Dreams - Jan Garber
[Holling talks to Chris about Shelly at the radio station.]

• Party Night - Undivided Roots
[Shelly and Cyndy ask Chris to perform a radio divorce.]

• Amazing Grace
[Chris performs the divorce on the air.]

• Love is a Hard Game to Play - Stevie Nicks
[Shelly and Cyndy say goodbye; Shelly and Holling snuggle in bed.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Pumpkins with long white dangles [Cyndy arrives in the Brick and tells Shelly she has to divorce Wayne.]
Black rocks [Argues with Cyndy in the bathroom.]
Strings of colored beads [The divorce ceremony.]

Things I Own From the Show:

Joel's mustard yellow shirt

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