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DVDs in North America (Region 1):
(Please note packaging descriptions are for the original releases. Changes may have occured since that time).

Northern Exposure: The Complete Series Collection (Six Seasons)


December 28, 2009, the Northern Exposure: The Complete Series Collection was released. This is the current "boxed set" offered by amazon. It a collection of the previously-released single seasons offered for a combined price. The content is the same as the single season releases (all extras) and music replacement remains the same.

Northern Exposure: The Complete Series (Six Seasons)


November 13, 2007 the Northern Exposure: The Complete Series arrived on DVD in the US. There are 26 single-sided DVDs, packaged in 14 thin sleeves, all in a faux suede messenger bag lined with fleece. The disks contain all 110 episodes, along with some of the extras** that appear on the individual packaged seasons, including deleted scenes, extended scenes, "unexposed footage," lost storylines, and Northern Exposure promos.

Note: This contains the same music replacements as the individual packaged seasons. The only major changes are the way the disks are packaged (as a complete set), and that they are single disks (not double-sided like the individual seasons). **Also, not all the extras from the single season disks are included.

Update 2015: this set is now limited availability. You can still find some new and used through amazon (link to the left).

The Complete First and Second Seasons:

May 6, 2006 the first and second seasons "boxed set" was released. All the same content as the individually released seasons but offered together for a lower price.

According to a fan's report (Thanks John!), the combined set also does NOT have complete music. It may also missing the extras (outtakes and deleted scenes).

The Complete First Season:

May 25, 2004 the first season arrived on DVD in the US. The only common complaint was the odd way of starting with the third episode on Disk 1, Side 1. (The Pilot is on Side 2.) This was due to mislabeling the disks (which are double-sided). Replacement disks were available starting July 2004. If you should run into a mislabled disk, you can send the discs only to Universal for exchange. To obtain a pre-paid USPS return envelope, please call 1-800-884-1633. (Please note: this may not still be available, call the number to check).

Music is original on the Season 1 DVDs. The outtakes are hilarious and the deleted scenes are fun (especially if you read the scripts, like I do). It's nice to see the complete, uncut episodes too. The DVD was originally packaged in an orange parka case. Why the orange parka? Here's my theory (from the Pilot wardrobe notebook).

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The Complete Second Season:

November 30, 2004 the second season was released! This 2 disc set contains the seven episodes from season two with Full Frame (1.33:1) video, Dolby Surround audio; English, French and Spanish subtitles; and English and Spanish audio. The set was originally packaged in another collectible parka package (this time a yellow one). Season two only contained seven episodes because, as it was with season one, it was a summer filler series. Season Two also contains outtakes and deleted scenes from the episodes - including a funny one of Maggie and a zucchini in Spring Break, among others.

**A note about Season Two music. Many of you have written to me or have seen reports on the lists or reviews on regarding the replacement music. unfortunately, the rumor is true. For one reason or another, Universal chose to replace several of the songs in episodes to a generic, "elevator-style" tune. For some people, this may not be noticeable, but for those of us who are really into this show, it's a stab in the heart. The music is an integral part of the show. It's a character. There have been many articles written about the music. I have mixed feelings. I am grateful for the uncut episodes on a new more compact media than my old video tapes, but they are incomplete without the correct music. Email Universal Studios.

However, an eagle-eyed fan discovered the correct music can be found on the US Season Two DVDs if you switch the audio to Spanish. This appears to be an oversight by Universal. Read more about the music replacement flap: SOME TV DISCS SUB OUT ORIGINAL SONGS Northern Exposure, Quantum Leap fans complain -, 1/7/05

<< Universal senior VP publicity Vivian Mayer said the music replacements on the second season DVDs were due to a combination of things, including clearance issues and timing. "There's a momentum," Mayer said. "After the first sets were released, the audience response was so overwhelming that we really wanted to satisfy everyone. Timing issues were a strong influencing factor." Mayer denied the replacements were made in order to cut costs as the franchises continued. >>

If you wish to contact Universal, here's the info (thanks to Matt C. and Nathaniel A.for the names):
Craig Kornblau
President, Universal Studios Home Video
Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Ron Meyer (President and CEO of Universal Studios)
Bob Wright (Vice Chairman & Executive Officer of GE, and chairman and CEO of NBC Universal -- he is Ron Meyer's boss)
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

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The Complete Third Season:

June 14, 2005, the third season was released! No more parkas, but the original packaging had a parka-like effect. The Complete Season Three contains 23 episodes. Season Three had a whopping 16 Emmy nominations, with six wins. The episodes are on three double-sided disks, which also contain extras such as Unexposed Scenes and Lost Storylines.

Some of the music has been replaced, but this time Universal has added this warning to the package. in my opinion it also is a better replacement than Season Two -- seems more thought was put into selection, and less of it sounding like canned elevator music.

Note: The Complete Seasons 1-3 were released as a bundle pack. According to one fan's report (Thanks again, John!), the Spanish language track was dropped from the Season 2 DVD. My theory is because it mistakenly included all the correct music in the original release of Northern Exposure - The Complete Second Season. I have a feeling that the single DVD release also might have been corrected.

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The Complete Fourth Season:

March 28 , 2006, the fourth season was released! The DVD set includes all 25 episodes from Season 4. It is packaged the same way as Season 3 (three slim plastic cases inside a cardboard case) with a blue parka printed on the outside case this time. The set also has some replacement music. In addition, it also contains extra footage: deleted and extended scenes, as well as some promos shot for the show.

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The Complete Fifth Season:

November 14, 2006, the fifth season was released! Packaged like Seasons 3 and 4, Season 5 is made up of five disks containing all 24 episodes. The original packaging disks were in individual slim plastic cases that fit into a purple cardboard case (with the appearance of a parka). Extras include deleted scenes.


The Complete Sixth Season:

March 6, 2007, the sixth season was released! It’s a yellow box this time. There are five disks with episodes and deleted scenes. Iris Dement's "Our Town" is included on the Season Six DVD (although it is the only original music beyond the theme song). The rest of the music has been replaced with royalty-free studio music.

Two articles about music replacement:
SOME TV DISCS SUB OUT ORIGINAL SONGS Northern Exposure, Quantum Leap fans complain -, 1/7/05
Copyrights Keep TV Shows off DVD - WiredNews, 3/1/05

What is the replacement music? It's called "Royalty-Free" music, which means the studio buys it but does not have to pay any copywrite fees. It also means it is done by unknown studio musicians. So if you like it, the only place you can find it is on the DVD. There isn't a musician and group's name to go with it (and an album).

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