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TV around the World: (send me an email if you have information on television airings in your area that I don't have listed yet).

REBOOT: Nov 2018 - following Darren Burrow's Film Farms campaign to reboot Northern Exposure, enough interest has been generated that CBS has a reboot project in the works! Stay tuned for more information!


1. Project Free TV

In Canada, you can now see Northern Exposure on the cable channel APTV. (I don't see it currently on the schedule but the show is still listed on the site.)

In France (and other parts of Europe), you can find Bienvenue en Alaska airing on the French satellite channel Série Club. (Merci, Silvy et Patrick!)
In Germany, Ausgerechnet Alaska returns to TV on Das Vierte (part of NBC Giga). (Danke, Peter!)
In Italy, the show is currently running on Saturdays and Sundays at 6.30 a.m. on Rete 4. (Grazie, Marco!)
In Poland, you can find Przystanek Alaska airing on the commercial station TVN. (Dziekuje, Joasia!) [Note: "Przystanek" in Polish means a place where somebody or something stops during a journey on the road. The most common use of this word is when we speak about a bus stop, a tram stop, whatever, but it also can be use in figurative sense.]
In Portugual, you can see it air on SIC Mulher, from TV Cabo. (Obrigada, Arnaldo!)

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