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Behind the scenes:

Darren and his filming partner, Bernie Murray, have put together a book and DVD about Darren's experiences working on Northern Exposure. "Northern Exposed" is a 228-page memoir. "Return to Cicely" is a set of region-free companion DVDs, where Darren returns to some of the filming scenes and interviews the surviving cast members. It's an independent release - only available here:

Northern Exposed - Return to Cicely

Bootleg DVDs:

Let me preface this by stating that I understand this is a sensitive subject. Bootlegs are illegal. There's several sets of DVDs showing up out there of Northern Exposure.

This info is from feedback of various fans who have picked up these DVDs. I wanted to give out this solely for information, not to comment one way or the other about the practice. If you want to add to the comments about these or any other disks available, please email me.

**Art Pattison's DVD collection**:
Compiled from Country Canada's uncut airings (the only syndication to show episodes in their entirety), as well as a large collection of "extras" (Moose Days footage, missing scenes added back in). Disks contain well defined menus, as well as ALL the original music. This is basically the way they originally aired. This is the only bootleg set I've seen personally. From fellow fans' feedback, and my own opinion, this is the best set and the only one I would recommend if you want bootlegs. I think it is much better than my collection of really old video tapes from A&E airings (which were cut for ads!).

Contact him directly for more information.

This link has been popping up as an ad on various NoEx Yahoo Groups. A couple of fans have purchased this set (advertised as a complete set of all six seasons) for US$249. They are a compilation of the Universal DVDs (which would have replacement music), airings from A&E, Hallmark and Country Canada (the only network to air them complete). The couple of fans who contacted me with the comments below seem to have gotten different compilations (one set appears to be 50 disks, the other 32).

Fan comments:
"The quality of these dvds is terrible.  The set consists of ~50 single sided dvds.  The first two seasons were copied from the dvds that Universal released.  This was a hack job and they seem to have left off the first two episodes. In addition to the missing episodes, the menus for the dvds are all screwed up and the episode lists are confused.  
After the first two seasons it gets worse.  For the third season it appears that they used old VHS recordings for the masters.  The image is very noisy, much worse than my old tapes.  And for the final insult, there is no audio.  
If anybody asks please inform them that the NX dvds being offered by tvdvdplanet (link below) are garbage."

"Some have menus, so do not. Some have a clear (almost) picture, some are pretty bad. Disk one does not work. Disk 15 is the same as 14. That means "Northwest Passages", and "Midnight Sun" are not in the collection. I couldn't find, "Kaddish For Uncle Manny" either. "

"Well I spent a little more time looking through the dvds and I may have been a bit hasty.  The audio does work on season three, I just had to change the MPEG settting. Overall my opinion is still negative.  You can tell that the collection is a mix of copied dvds (seasons 1 and 2) and tv recordings.  The editing leaves a lot to be desired.  Some of the dvds have duplicate episodes and the quality varies from dvd to dvd.  Most of the later episodes were recorded off of some station called country Canada.  At least one of the dvds will not play and several others needed multiple attempts."

Moose Days 2001 (Travel Channel Road Trip):
This is a copy of the Road Trip show that aired only in Canada. It was filmed during the annual Moosefest in Roslyn, WA in 2001. I have a copy and can send you one (for the cost of postage and supplies) on DVD (US formatted). Email me.

Ebay Northern Exposure "Charity Gala" disk (NOT RECOMMENDED):
This one I've had direct experience with and can tell you in my honest opinion to run from it screaming. This one shows up on ebay. It's original footage of a acting workshop with Peg Phillips' theatre work with incarcerated juveniles, as well as a charity gala featuring Cynthia Geary and John Cullum. I have no doubt that the sellers are the original film crew. The disk has no menu or information and is pretty much just running footage of these two events. There's quite a bit of just stuff (not just the NX people). It was slightly interesting for a very diehard fan but the problem is with the people selling it. Customer service is NOT their priority (even though they write that all over their listings). My disk arrived with the sound off (like watching a dubbed Japanese Samurai movie). At first they were nice and said they would replace it. Then Mr. Hyde took over and they proceded to write me several very nasty emails, and give me a negative on my ebay feedback (after I left positive). This happened to at least one other fan. [Update: the seller is no longer on ebay -- probably from too many complaints.]

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