Aimee's Creedo





Thanks to Northern Exposure,

I believe that trees can talk.

I believe that a woman can fly off a cliff like an eagle.

I believe that a bear can turn into a man, and back again.

I believe that a pregnant woman can talk to her as-yet-unborn child, face to face.

I believe that a man can be reincarnated as a dog.

I believe that a budding filmmaker and an ex-con deejay can teach a crane to dance.

I believe that a kiss can restore a man's voice.

I believe that the devil is a sauna salesman.

I believe that one person can dream another person's dreams.

I believe that a man can hibernate like a bear.

I believe that throwing a tomato at someone can be an act of love and friendship.

I believe that a raven is as good a symbol of Christmas as Santa Claus.

I believe that a doctor can perform bypass surgery on an airplane engine.

I believe that water can make men and women swap gender-identities.

I believe that frozen wooly mammoths make for good eatin'.

I believe that Napoleon was not at Waterloo.

I believe in sociopathic, Yeti-like chefs; half-brothers who find each other through dreams; running nude through the thawing winter streets.

And I believe that it is possible for a man to take a few steps into the Alaskan mists, and end up on the Staten Island Ferry.

In short, I believe in magic. So logic me no logical arguments.

-Aimee Parrott

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