4.7 The Bad Seed


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Original Air Date: November 16, 1992Production Number: 77604
Written by: Mitchell BurgessDirected by: Randall Miller

Chris: Shell, cranes carry this heavy mystical baggage. They're icons of fidelity and happiness. The Vietnamese believe cranes cart our souls up to heaven on our wings.

Crane Dance
Log line (1): Everyone is shocked when Holling's unknown illegitimate daughter arrives in town - especially Holling who believed he was sterile. Maggie assists Marilyn in her search for her dream house. Ed is excited about his annual visit from Princess, a crane he took under his wing when she was abandoned as a baby.
Synopsis (1):

Jackie Vincoeur (guest star Valerie Perrine), a swindler by nature, arrives in town and announces she is Holling's daughter. Holling is even more shocked than the rest of the townspeople, having believed he was sterile due to a childhood case of the mumps. Knowing the Vincoeurs are a bad lot, that they are vicious, cruel people, Holling is worried that the family line will not end with him as he had planned.

Unfortunately, Jackie lives up to the Vincoeur family name. She is immediately a bad influence on Shelly, encouraging her to drink, smoke and gamble. The unscrupulous Jackie cheats and takes advantage of anyone who crosses her path. True to her character, she admits to Holling the only reason she tracked him down was to coerce him into giving her money.

Marilyn moves out of her mother's house because she's tired of always living by mother's rules and asks Maggie to help her find a house to buy. After showing Marilyn numerous homes, Maggie finally finds Marilyn's dream house. In the meantime, Marilyn's mother (guest star Armenia Miles) puts her house on the market, because without her daughter living there she doesn't need such a big place. Marilyn buys it and invites her mother to live there but only under her own rules.

Ed is excited to see Princess, a crane he nurtured when she was abandoned as a baby, on her armual pass through Cicely. He notices she is the only one in the flock without a mate and teaches her how to find one.

Guest stars (9):

Jackie Vincoeur - Valerie Perrine
Marilyn's mother - Armenia Miles

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Uptown Downtown - Chris Chestnutt
[Jackie walks into the bar looking for Holling.]

Queen of Memphis - Confederate Railroad
[Jackie shows Holling proof he is her dad.]

A Hundred Years From Now - Travis Tritt
[Jackie and Shelly shoot pool.]

Somewhere Tonight - Highway 101
[Holling and Jackie argue.]

Palm Leaf Rag - composed by Scott Joplin
[Chris talks on the radio as Jackie picks Ed's pocket.]

Born to Lose - originally by Ray Charles
[Chris gives Ed advice.]

The Whiskey Ain't Workin' - Travis Tritt
[Shelly and Holling talk in the bar.]

Glory Roadway - unknown
[Holling asks Jackie to leave.]

Lay My Love - Brian Eno
[Ed and Chris dance with the cranes.](8)

Shelly’s Earrings: Basket of eggs [Discusses cranes with Chris, Jackie first comes into bar].
Dolls? [In Dr. Joel's office discussing Holling's paternity.]
Dominoes [Jackie and Holling fight.]

Slices of Cake [In Ruth-Anne's store with Jackie.]

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