2.2 The Big Kiss


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Original Air Date: April 15, 1991 • Production number: 77402
Written by: Henry BromellDirected by: Sandy Smolan

Maggie: I'm not some flat-chested, junior league, Grosse Point WIMP!

Log line (1): A wise Indian spirit helps Ed in his search to find his parents, while Chris loses his voice to a mysterious beautiful woman.
Synopsis (1):

"One Who Waits" (guest star Floyd Red Crow Westerman), a wise old spirit seen only by the Indians, accompanies Ed through town as they search for the identities of Ed's natural parents. Meanwhile, Chris loses his voice at the sight of a beautiful stranger and Cicely loses its favorite deejay. When "One Who Waits" offers an old Indian remedy for regaining his voicc sleep with the most beautiful girl in town -- Chris is taken aback. But, desperate to speak again, he agrees to follow the logic -- if beauty took his voice away, then beauty will restore it.

However, when he sheepishly turns to Maggie for help, the whole town sits up and takes notice. Especially Fleischman, who exacerbates the situation by doubting Maggie's ability to help Chris regain his voice.

(Production Bible):

Maurice brought Shelly up from Dawson City. Holling got a stiff neck when he first saw her and Maurice was sitting right next to him. According to Maurice, great passions pack a wallop -- if you don't feel any pain, it's not the real McCoy (Shelly had cramps and a headache when she met Maurice).

Leslie Ferguson: Chris' first true love.

Ed creation myths: according to Great Aunt, they found him wrapped in a blanket, or was that a seal coat? ...by the meadow, down by the river, by Light Feather or Wind Dancer or Fast Cloud in the bushes next to his cabin (but Fast Cloud used to think he was Joe DiMaggio); Great Aunt said his mother was a white teacher in Skagway -- or maybe a missionary; father's name was Smith.

Facts to Wax
(Production Bible):

Mrs. Emerson: Ed's neighbor lady.

J.F.K. Memorial Hall -- bingo. Cicely Wash & Dry: town Laundromat.

Guest stars (9): One Who Waits - Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman (Also appeared in 4.13)
Mrs. Emerson - Carolyn Byrne
Girl - Jessika Cardinahl
Smith - Eloy Casados
Great Aunt - Geraldine Keams
Clem (Townsperson #1) - David J. Guppy (as Dave Guppy) (Also appeared in 1.1, 1.5)
Townsperson #2 - Don Eastman
Bingo Player - Rosetta Pintado (Also appeared in 3.12)
Bingo Player - Katherine Dayd
Bingo Player - Susan Morales (Also appeared in 5.5, 6.18)
Bingo Player #4 - Oscar Kawagley
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ. * Indicates correct song on the DVD.)

Closings #4
[Ed watches TV.]

She is Not Thinking of Me - Louis Jourdan (from Gigi)*
[Chris is taken wth a beautiful woman and loses his voice.]

• Instrumental - David Schwartz*
[Ed and One Who Waits ask the spirits who are Ed's parents]

Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey
[Ed brings One Who Waits to the Brick.]

Mambo Baby - Ruth Brown [More Music from Northern Exposure Soundtrack]
[Holling and Maurice talk to Chris.]

Truly Do - Bud and Travis
[Maurice tells a tale of a woman who stole a man's courage (Sir Dwayne.)]

Let the Tear Drops Fall - Patsy Cline (Thanks Ed!!)
[Maggie talks to Chris in the Brick.]

Pretty Lady - Pacific Overtures cast record*
[Maurice daydreams about Shelly's beauty pageant.] (Note: This scene was cut in some syndicated showings.)

Weiner Cafe
[Joel and Maurice talk about the effects of women.]

Tea With Alice* (also heard on 2.5 and 3.2)
[Maggie has dinner with Chris.]

Reach Out and Touch*
[Maggie tells Joel of her dinner date with Chris.]

• Instrumental - David Schwartz*
[One Who Waits tells Ed about when he fell in love with the woman he married.]

La Mer - Charles Trenet
[Chris arrives at Maggie's house in hopes of getting his voice back.]

Honeysuckle Rose - Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli
[Maurice and Shelly talk about their first meeting.]

Third Man Theme - Anton Karas
[Joel asks Chris about his evening with Maggie.]

When I grow Too Old to Dream - Nat King Cole*
[Ed helps a stranger (could be his father) change his truck tire.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Gold houses [Shelly gives cheeseburgers to Ed and "his new invisible friend."]
tropical fish [Asks Maurice if he wants his coffee warmed up.]
Bowling ball and pin [Talks to Maurice about when they met.]

Ed’s Movies: Boys Town
Additional Notes:

Chris fixes Maggie glazed carrots - this recipe is in "The Northern Exposure Cookbook," by Ellis Weiner.

The Light Feather mentioned who may have found Ed, is probably not the same Light Feather that he falls in love with later, unless she found him when she was a toddler.

One Who Waits is a 256-year-old Native American. Is it strange he can read English? (Wash and Dry sign and Brick menu).

When One Who Waits wakes Ed up, you can see the makeup spots on Darren's back covering tattoos.

Footnotes and additional research

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