5.5 A River Doesn't Run Through It


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Original Air Date: October 25, 1993Production Number: 77708
Written by: Jeff MelvoinDirected by: Nick Marck

King Kevin: The Homecoming queen is supposed to be a babe.

Log line (1): Maggie is Homecoming Queen; Maurice reluctantly admits a business defeat; Ruth-Anne is audited.
Synopsis (1):

The all-male senior class of Cicely High has no queen to accompany King Kevin (guest star Jack Black). The guys elect Maggie by a landslide, assuming she has nothing else to do. She is embarrassed to find herself assumed to be very lonely.

Maurice is disturbed to share the title of Alaska's "Five Wealthiest Men" with Native American Lester Hanes (guest star Apesanahkwat). When his scheme to discredit Lester's business acumen backfires, Maurice ruefully accepts defeat.

Distracted IRS agent Amy Patterson (guest star Anne DeSalvo) makes a large mistake in Ruth-Anne's favor. Ruth-Anne considers cheating America for personal gain.


Details (2):

Lester Haines is featured in a magazine as one of the five wealthiest men in Alaska. The high school fly fishing team is the Cicely Marmots. Both Shelly and Maggie were homecoming queens are their respective high schools. Lester and Maurice negotiate through realtor BOB HANSON. Lester's wife is named MYRA. Ruth-Anne was married for forty-one years.

Trivia (2):

Just asking: Why doesn't Maggie know who Kevin Wilkins is when everyone else in town does? What happened to the tough, independent bush pilot?: Maggie listens lovingly to Joel's medicai babble. Advice to everyone's favorite small town d.j.: lose the scraggly Charles Manson beard! Charming man/child or moron?: Ed contemplates the vast wealth of the Jolly Green Giant.

Guests: Kevin - Jack Black
Amy Patterson - Anne DeSalvo
Lester Haines - Apesanahkwat
Mitch - August Kelley
Jimmy - Keith Jacobs (senior)
Walt - Moultrie Patten
Myra Haines - Sue Morales (Also appeared in 2.2, 6.18)
Bob Hanson - Wally Dalton
Anacheio - Anthony Colinares
Ralph -
David LoVine (Also appeared in 3.23, 4.23, 5.8 )
Steve/Drummer - Steve Barrantes
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Do You Wanna Touch - Joan Jett

English Tea Rooms - Victoriana

• Mozart Flute Quartet

Surfer Girl - Beach Boys

Now You're Gone - Sea of Black

Swing Nostalgia

Shelly’s Earrings: Bunnies [helps Maggie try on her homecoming dress, talk about the dance.]
Fish [goes to laundrymat with Maggie.]

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