4.13 Duets





Original Air Date: January 18, 1993 Production number: 78702
Written by:
Geoffrey NeighorDirected by: Win Phelps

Ed: Pete...I think you should know that I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm...”
Pete: “You're what, Ed?”
Ed: “Uh, kind of thirsty.

Log line (1): Ed's spiritual guide leads him to his natural father; Maggie and Mike share their first kiss; traveling piano tuner visits the Brick to adjust its ancient upright.
Synopsis (1):

One-Who-Waits (guest star Floyd Red Crow Westerman), Ed's spiritual guide who is visible on to him, reappears to lead Ed to his natural father. As an orphan raised by the tribe, Ed is excit to discover that his father is a builder in a near-by town. There, his dad mistakes Ed for a laborer and puts him to work. Over the next few days Ed is able to learn more about his father without revealing their true relationship. One-Who-Waits eventually pushes Ed to overcome his nerves and admit to his father that he is his long lost son.

Mike (guest star Anthony Edwards) and Maggie share their first kiss, but afterward Maggie immediately flees, mumbling that she does not want to kill him. Confused, Mike follows her an forces her to explain. Maggie reveals to him that each one of her previous boyfriends has died as the result of a freak accident and she cares about Mike too much to kill him. Mike convinces her that with his unusual lifestyle he is too safe for anything unnatural to ever happen to him.

A blind piano tuner unexpectedly arrives at the Brick and offers to tune the piano for a small fee. Although the price rises as Arlen (guest star Kevin Conway) realizes the terrible shape the piano is in, the beautiful music it creates when tuned is invaluable.

(Production Bible):

Ed has pictures on his tribe on his wall, including his Aunt Syliva, who helped raise him.

Ruth-Anne's husband's younger brother Clayton knocked a girl up when he was seventeen.

Ed was a baby when he was found by Fast Cloud at the side of the Taku river in the Spring of 1972 (that makes Ed 21 years old).

Guest stars (9): One-Who-Waits - Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Also appeared in 2.2)
Arlen Briscoe - Kevin Conway
Mike Monroe - Anthony Edwards
Pete - Gordon Tootoosis
Dave the Cook - William J. White

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ. )

[Help! If you know these tunes from the original airings, email me.]

• latin/caribbean song
[Chris on the air talking about duets - the star and its twin.]

• country singer
[Ed and One-Who-Waits in bar.]

• minuet
[Maggie and Mike discuss flying to the mountains.]

• country song
[When Arlen, the piano tuner arrives.]

•country song
[Arlen gives Holling a list for piano parts.]

• opera
[Maggie and Mike kiss]

• country song
[Arlen talks to Holling about nice.]

Sonata in D for Hands, 2nd Movement (Mozart)
[Chris on the air; Arlen and Marilyn play a duet.]

Shelly's Earrings:

Acorns? [Takes One-Who-Wait's order]
Train engines [Meets Arlen, the piano tuner. Arlen: "That's the way I like them, blonde and stacked"]
Monkeys (like from the Barrel of Monkies game) [Arlen plays piano]

Ed's Movie References: Wild Strawberries (1957)
[At the end, Ed and One-Who Waits watch this.]

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