6.16 Lucky People





Original Air Date: February 15, 1995 Production number: 77817
Written by:
Diane Frolov and Andrew SchneiderDirected by: Janet Greek

Chris: I've been thinking about Roslyn and Cicely. They didn't need men because they had each other, a significant other. It doesn't matter if the cat's in pants or pedal-pushers. I don't think we're supposed to fly solo.
Log line (1): Phil and Michelle have the horrible realization that they are stuck in a place they hate; Maggie and Chris restore Roslyn and Cicely's Model T for the Founder's day parade; Maurice goes on a buying spree to work his way into Holling's family.
Synopsis (1):

Phil and Michelle close on a deal to invest all their money into sixty acres of Alaskan wilderness. When they realize that they don't have enough money left to build their dream house and the land is so vast it makes Phil nauseous, Phil falls into a depression. Caught up in her own quandary, Michelle is offended by and anonymous gift of an old parka and clodhopper boots and tries to find the culprit. Determined to keep her own style, Michelle packs away the gifts of warmth and ends up with frostbite on her feet from her thin leather boots. Feeling they've ruined their lives with no escape, Michelle and Phil's spirits are raised when Ed thoughtfully brings them beautiful costumes to join in the Founder's Day Parade.

Claiming that his beloved Uncle Elvy has been reincarnated in Miranda, Maurice takes a personal interest in the child with expensive toys and designer dresses. Holling becomes increasingly uneasy with the whole situation and, when Maurice starts a stock portfolio for Randi, it's the lasti straw. He returns all the gifts and explains that Maurice has exceeded the bounds of gift giving. Ruth-Anne sets a dejected Maurice straight by being very honest and telling him that he is a lonely man full of regrets who thought he could buy his way into a family.

Chris and Maggie enjoy each others - company and the task at hand as they restore Cicely and Roslyn's antique Model T forthe Founder's Day parade. While Chris attempts to make an emotional connection with Maggie, she is oblivious to his advances and focused on how the town's founders didn't need men in their lives. As Maggie sits in the driver seat dressed as Roslyn waiting for Shelly to shows up as her Cicely for the parade, Chris makes his point that everyone needs somebody by surprising her in drag as Cicely.

(Production Bible):

Cicely and Roslyn's Model T last seen in 1958.

Marie Guerin -- Parisian designer, the Lagerfeld of the under twelve set.

George Patton -- convinced he was a soldier in Alexander's army at the siege of Tyre.

Cicely's Founders' Day Theme -- "Cicely, the Paris of the North".

Most Memorable Quote: "No matter how bad things are, you can put on your lipstick, feel better and face the world. Did you know, when the Titanic was sinking, women went to their staterooms and did their lips?"

Guest stars (9):

Jerry Moore - Tom Hammond (also appeared in 1.1)
Eugene - Earl Quewezance
Walt - Moultrie Patten

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

[Help! I need names of missing tunes from the original airings - email me.]

• instrumental when Chris is on the air at the beginning.

• jazzy tune when Phil tries to get his money back.

Angel Band (from O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack)
[Phil and Eugene talk about mango shakes.] (thanks reyna!)

• country tune when Ruth-Anne and Michelle talk about her anonymously adopted parka.

Mo Shuil Ad' Dheidh - The Rankin Family
[Ending at the parade.]

Shelly's Earrings:

White houses [Talks to Maurice and Holling in Miranda's nursery about Founders' Day].
Black cats? [Maurice thinks Miranda is his Uncle Elvy.]
Gifts? [Stockbroker brings by Miranda's portfolio.]

Additional Notes:

Socks for Founders' Day. When Cicely and Roslyn drove up, Roslyn lost a sock and bought a new pair in what became the town of Cicely.

Michelle reads the Microsoft Word manual when Ed stops by to drop off the parade costumes.


Prop from float in Founders' Day parade in storage in Roslyn.
Photo from Moose Days 2001.
Things I own from this episode: Shelly's blue vest when she is in the Brick and Maurice says that Miranda is his Uncle.

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