3.15 Democracy in America

Original Air Date(1): February 24, 1992Production number (1): 77517
Written by(1): Jeff MelvoinDirected by(1): Michael Katleman

Chris: Ed, we just witnessed a peaceful transition in government. Do you realize how miraculous that is?...Today, tiny Cicely, Alaska, stood up and put another W in the win category for democracy.

Ballot (water stain from the Brick bar.)

Log line(1): Mayoral incumbent Holling is stung by the news that he has a formidable opponent, old friend Edna Hancock, who's got a bee in her bonnet over a promise he never kept. The election also finds Shelly testing the aphrodisiac of power, Chris waxing patriotic, Ed anticipating his first time voting, and Joel and Maggie arguing party politics.

Synopsis(1): Edna Hancock (guest star Rita Taggart) challenges Holling as mayor of Cicely, after waiting five years for him to put up a stop sign. Following twenty-three years as mayor, Holling is unseated 255 to 247. Chris, a convicted felon who can't vote, thinks democracy in action is nirvana. In 1972, his Uncle Roy took him fishing at Little Spider Lake, until he remembered it was election day, Nixon versus McGovern. Uncle Roy was a Democrat, who'd been to Vietnam, and he hated Nixon. As a kid, Joel used to memorize election results and was probably the only Republican on the Upper West Side. Maggie's folks are pro-labor Democrats, and Ed discovers he has no views. Maurice, who owns 15,000 acres around Cicely, realizes that now that Edna's let the genie out of the bottle, his dream of tract homes, shopping malls, and domed arenas will be ruined by bureaucrats, zoning boards and special interest groups—what he came to Cicely to escape.

Background(2): Holling's known Edna since she arrived in Cicely 25 years ago. Edna once shot at Maurice with a Remington over-and-under. Edna married for twelve years. In 1976 during the worst rain storm ever, Edna loaned Holling her generator when his freezer broke. As a kid, Joel used to memorize election results. 1987 Chris jumped parole; as a convicted felon, can't vote. 1972 Chris' Uncle Roy took Chris fishing at Little Spider Lake until he remembered it was election day: Nixon vs. McGovern; Roy was a Democrat who’s been to Viet Nam and hated Nixon.

Facts to Wax(2): Edna lives "next door" to Maurice, five miles away. Maurice has fifteen thousand acres, Edna has twelve. Ed's never voted before; Holling's been mayor since he was born. Joel, the only Republican living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan? Maggie's parents are pro-Labor Democrats. Ed doesn't have any views. Cicley has a Viking's Eating Club and a Moose Hall. Ruth-Anne is Cicely Town Clerk. Town charter gives City Council all the power in Cicely. First Church of Cicely (named for the first time). First appearance of GEORGE the Barber; will vote for Edna.

Guest Stars(9):
Edna Hancock - Rita Taggart (Also appeared in 5.16, 5.17)
Geroge the Barber- Clayton Corzatte
Logger - Patrick Ryals (Also appeared in 4.19, 5.13)
Dave the Cook - William J. White

Dorothy - Dorothy Hanlin
Customer - Eric Ray Anderson

• J'ai Fait Une Grosse Error (I Made a Big Mistake) - Jimmy Newman
[Edna tells Holling that she's running for mayor.]

• Fanfare for the Common Man - Aaron Copland
[Chris announces the mayor race.]

• Guitar Boogie - Arthur Smith
[Ed has a facial tick because he is nervous about the election, talks to Joel.]

• Stars and Stripes Forever
[Ruth-Anne wrangles Joel into being election commissioner.]

• America the Beautiful -American Boys Choir
[Chria on the air about America.]

• The Hobo - Doc Watson
[Edna complains that Holling is giving away free beer.]

• fife and drum march
[Chris on the air, reads Lincoln and announces the debate.]

• Appalachian Spring - Aaron Copland
[The people of Cicely vote.]

• Crazy - Mike Auldridge
[Holling has had just about enough of this moping and carrying on, demands the jukebox play.]

• This Is My Country - American Boys Choir
[Chris on the air at the end.]

Shelly's Earrings:
Parrots? [Gets all hot and bothered that Holling is in the mayoral race.]
red, white and blue banner/falgs? [Goes to vote.]

Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman

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