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Previous Updates (2003-2005): (please note: to save space and avoid repetition, I may delete old references when making updates to the same pages.)

Latest UpdatesUpdates 2006-2009

Corrections/additions updates on: 3.4.

Corrections/additions updates on: 2.2, 4.15, episode guide page, DVD page, creators & producers bios. Biography update for Adam Arkin.

Biography updates for Rob Morrow, John Corbett, Darren Burrows and Janine Turner for their new projects. Corrections/updates to 1.4, 3.1, 3.21, and the fan links page.

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Updated each actor's biography to include a link to TV Now's schedules of when they appear on TV.

Updated DVD information for the US (Season 3 released June 14th), UK (Season 2 released May 9th), and Australia (Season 2 due July 13th).

Added a page for all the DVD inserts,

Hallmark Channel has removed Northern Exposure from their lineup again "due to decline in viewer interest" (not enough of us awake at 2am eastern, I guess). Contact them online or by email.

The second is a new section on the episode guides for "Ed Chigliak's Movie References." Fan Doug B. initiated this idea and has started sending lists. He says:
"No passion runs deeper on Northern Exposure than Ed Chigliak’s love of the Silver Screen. Whatever the situation, Ed always seems to have a movie from which to draw an analogy or offer a quote. Nary an episode goes by without Ed drawing from his vast knowledge of motion picture history to add color any situation!"
See the first installment on episode 4.16 Ill Wind:
Another idea I'm brewing is to start adding timelines on the character biography pages -- a list of significant events and what episode they happened in.

A couple more weeks to sign up for Moosefest 2005, the Northern Exposure fan festival in Roslyn, Washington --
see all the information for Moosefest 2005 (Jul 22-24).

Updated biographies:
Valerie Mahaffey
Elaine Miles http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/miles.html
Rob Morrow http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/morrow.html
Teri Polo http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/polo.html
Reoccuring Characters http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/reoccuring.html
Janine Turner http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/turner.html

Updated marketplace pages with links to items from, about and influenced by Northern Exposure:

Added more articles to the archive: http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/ArticlesMain.html

Updated John Cullum's Biography http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/cullum.html

Updated Archived Articles page, added several articles.

Updated John Corbett's Biography http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/corbett.html

Updated Cynthia Geary's Biography http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/geary.html

Holiday fun: http://home.comcast.net/%7Emcnotes/Christmoose.html

Updated TV information for the US - Hallmark Channel starts again on 12/20/04. Also, news about Season Two DVDs:

Updated the original DVD insert listing what's on the US Season 1 release. Added the corrected DVD insert for US Season 1 release (if you got replacement disks) and added a new DVD insert for US Season 2. (Be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader (it's free) installed to view these files.)

Added information about Moose Days 2002 TV Road Trip

Updated 4.4 Heroes -- added a link to Giovanna Westwood's web page. She was one of the background singers in Chris' "Last Supper" scene.

Added more movies that have two or more NX alum in them:

Barry Corbin's biography.
Added Pictures and Notes from Moosefest 2004:

Updated Biographies:
Adam Arkin
Darren Burrows

Updated 3.17, 3.21, 4.11 to new look.

Updated Fan Links section and added a ringtone for Kyocera 7135 phones:

4.4 Heroes and 5.18 Fish Story to new look. Connected guest star Mickey Jones to both episodes.

Added music pages and Behind the Scenes (both under construction).

Updated DVD information for the US, Australia, Germany and Spain:

Updated Chuck Greywolf page (a favorite extra from Northern Exposure):

Updated scripts page:


The NX Postcard Box project:

Updated Mooselaneous look and added link to Postcard box project:


ER - NoEx connection - common cast
and crew that have appeared on both NoEx and ER (there have been a lot!):

The DVD/TV/Movies section has been added:

Updated Moosetopia front page and added Moose Days 2003 pictures:

I've added two new fan discussion lists in the links section:

NX-Misc 2 was created to combat SPAM in the previous NX-Miscellany group:


New home site address and new look! - 10/22/03
- Added DVD, TV and Movies page.
- Added this What's New Page.

Many more updates coming - keep checking back and thank you for stopping by!


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