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Moose Days 2002 TV Road Trip




Good news! I now have a copy of the Moose Days 2002 TV Road Trip segment.

In 2002, the folks from the Travel Channel sent a contact filming crew to Roslyn, Washington for their TV Road Trip series. The filming crew followed Barry Corbin around during Moose Days 2002 (the annual Northern Exposure fan festival, now known as Moosefest). The segment was supposed to air within a year of the event, but disappeared from the schedule. The original filming crew, after submitting the segment, also lost track of its airing date.

Fast forward to November 2004 ... A good friend of mine, now living in Canada, was watching the Canadian version of the Travel Channel one day when she heard the teaser for the Northern Exposure segment. She popped in a tape, and sent it to me from Alaska. It arrived a little worse for wear, but I was able to salvage it and create a DVD master.

The Details:
The segment is about 10 minutes long. Please note it was taped on a regular tape from a television program. I wanted to make sure that all of you know this and aren't expecting top of the line professional master. It's a no frills production but it's pretty cool. I can make both VHS copies and DVD copies. Please note the DVDs are recordable DVDs (a little different than commercial purchased DVDs) - be sure your player can play these type of DVDs. (I think most new ones will do it, as well as computer based DVD players). If you have any doubt, please order a video. The videos are NTSC (North American region 1) and the DVD also is region 1 (so be sure you have a region 1 or multi-region player if you are outside North America).

How to Order:
As for mailing, the easiest method is US priority mail, but I can also send first class or Airmail. Please email with your request (DVD or video), your name and address, and how you will pay (see below). Then we can work out any additional details we need to do for shipping etc.

• DVD or video (supplies only*) - $2
• US Priority mail shipping - $3.85 (other shipping methods will vary)

**Total: $5.85**
(*Supplies: DVD and slim case or standard VHS in cardboard case, and mailing envelope)

-- (For first class or airmail, drop me an email with your zip code or country and I'll tell you the cost, or you can look at I ship from 80021, the DVD is 4 oz and the video tape is 9 oz.). Priority mail can go out the next day from payment received. First Class and Airmail shipments will go out once a week.

Note: Due to copyright issues, I am only charging for the supplies themselves However, any additional "tips" for time or towards my web site are always welcome. :-)

How to pay (in order of preference):

1. **Preferred method - quickest too. Paypal -- (no credit cards to this one): send payment to
2. mail a money order or cashier's check. (I will give you a mailing address when you email me).
3. Paypal by credit card - because Paypal takes a fee from accounts that accept credit cards (2.9% + .30), I have a different account and I ask that you add a minimum of $.50 if you need to pay by credit card to cover that. Use this account:
4. well-concealed cash. I strongly recommend against this one, but if you are feeling daring...

I'd rather not deal with personal checks but if that's your easiest or only way, please discuss that with me in your email. :-)

Please email me if you have any other questions!



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