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Season One:

1.1 One-Hour Pilot:
Louie, Louie - Richard Berry (performed by the Kingsmen on Ausgerechnet Alaska, the german soundtrack)
[when Joel meets Ed, who gives him a ride into town in his truck]

• Family Tradition - Hank Williams Jr.
[Joel bursts into the Brick, and promptly makes a phone call to say he wants out of his contract]

• Truly Do - Bud and Travis
[Joel sits at the bar and talks to Holling and Ed]

• Jolie Louise - Daniel Lanois (also found on the Northern Exposure: Music from the Television Series)
[Joel hears Holling's story of the feud between him and Maurice]

• Get Your Life - Livingston
[Maggie and Joel meet, and Joel mistakingly assumes she is a prostitute.]

• Good Golly, Miss Molly - Little Richard (7) (on Ausgerechnet Alaska, the german soundtrack)
[Barbeque montage] (1)

Singing the Blues - Guy Mitchell (on Ausgerechnet Alaska, the german soundtrack)
[Joel and Ed eat mooseburgers at the barbeque]



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