Adam appeared in ten episodes. Adam was a gourmet chef, with either a fertile imagination - or a very interesting past. As far as Joel was concerned, he was the world's worst pathological liar. Played by Adam Arkin, who also directed an episode (4.19 Family Feud).

Adam is a walking contradiction. Known by legend as the reincarnation of BigFoot, Adam is a pathological liar who never wears shoes and is typically brash and insulting to everyone he encounters. However, the other side of Adam is a world-class chef with military commendations and honorary degrees who lectures at Cordon Bleu and writes for the New Republic. He explains his erratic and hostile behavior by the fact that he simply hates people. Going against everyone's better judgement, Adam recently got married to, believe it or not, Eve, and fathered a son, Aldrich, with her. Adam Arkin was nominated for a 1993 Emmy Award for his portrayal of Adam.

From Meg in the newsgroup:
I love finding references on Northern Exposure to stuff that leads to interesting research! For example, Aldrich. Go to: here and read all about Aldrich Ames, CIA agent/Russian spy. Ah ha! What better name for Adam's baby than Aldrich? (big grin).

Adam was named by TV Guide as one of TV's greatest characters.

Adam appeared in 1.8 Aurora Borealis, 3.1 The Bumpy Road to Love, 3.7 Roots, 3.11 Dateline: Cicely, 3.18 My Mother, My Sister, 3.22 Our Wedding, 4.21 The Big Feast, 5.14 Bolt from the Blue, 5.16 Northern Hospitality, and 6.15 The Quest.

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