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These are magazine, newspaper and online articles I have collected since Northern Exposure was on the air.
Original writer and media published is on each article.


New Doctor Adrift in Alaska - New York Times 7/12/90

Alaska on a Shoestring: The Cold Facts About Shooting a Low-Budget Summer Series - TV Guide, 7/21/90

Mike's collection of articles 1-51 (PDF 4 MB download) - various, 5/30/90 - 12/21/91


Northern Exposure Warms His Bones - TV Guide, 4/20/91

A Little Too Flakey in Alaska - Time, 5/20/91

Total Exposure - Entertainment Weekly, 7/26/91

It's not the thing you fling, but the fling itself! A Scud It's Not, But the Trebuchet Hurls a Mean Piano - Wall Street Journal, 7/30/91

A nice surprise for 'Exposure' actor - Seattle Times, 7/31/91

Talk About Exposure ... Janine Turner is the breakout star of an amiable ensemble - TV Guide, 9/7/91

'Northern Exposure' Actor Injects A Little Bit Of Cowboy Into His Roles - Seattle Times, 10/14/91

WHY DO MOOSE CROSS THE ROAD? Because they're too big to try bungee jumping - Newsweek 10/21/91

FAKED ALASKA: CBS's offbeat Northern Exposure has captivated viewers -- and taken over the little town of Roslyn, Washington - People Magazine 11/18/91

Moose Music: Northern Exposure features the weirdest - and the best - music on prime time - GQ Magazine 11/91

Our Town - TV Guide, 12/21/91

Cicely's Quirky Christmas List - TV Guide, 12/21/91

John Corbett: Putting the Sizzle in Cicely, Alaska - TV Guide, 12/21/91

Mike's collection of articles 51-101 (PDF 3 MB download) - various, 12/22/91 - 11/11/92


On the set of Northern Exposure - Ladies' Home Journal, 4/92

'Exposure' reveals Cicely's history in season finale - The Denver Post, 5/18/92

MAKING NICELY IN CICELY Morrow Stung by Contract "Exposure" - LA Times, 7/27/92

On Location: Northern Exposure - What in the world is a 'gaffer'? - Northern Kittitas County (NKC) Tribune, 8/20/92

On Location: Northern Exposure - Hers is a Gentle Touch -NKC Tribune, 8/27/92
(Notes on the styist, the medic and the set-dresser)

Pennsylvania Avenue To Be Closed - NKC Tribune, 9/3/92

On Location: Northern Exposure - Let's talk about the Emmys - NKC Tribune, 9/17/92

Roslyn gets plenty of visitor exposure - The Denver Post, 9/27/92


On Location: Northern Exposure - Keeping the site in sight is task of location managers - NKC Tribune, 10/1/92

On Location: Northern Exposure - Sew, let's meet the costume designer - NKC Tribune, 11/5/92

On Location: Northern Exposure... in another location - NKC Tribune, 11/19/92

Roslyn earns Emmy, too - NKC Tribune, 12/3/92

Mike's collection of articles 101-151 (PDF 3 MB download) - various, 11/11/92 - 8/20/94


Northern Exposed! - TV Guide, 1/23/93

A little 'Exposure' means a lot - For television newcomer Bill Yallup, one bit part might turn into a bit more - Yakima Herald-Republic 2/27/93

Couch Critic: Northern Exposure - TV Guide, 3/20/93


The Impact of 'Northern Exposure - NKC Tribune, 6/17/93

Gearying Up! Northern Exposure's Golden Girl - Onsat Magazine, 7/19/93

Overexposed - Yakima Herald-Republic, 9/12/93

Marilyn Speaks: A Conservation With Elaine Miles - Radiance Magazine, Fall 1993

'Northern Exposure' denizens are what they eat - quirky - Yakima Herald-Repulican, 10/6/93

TV'S a Different Kind of Exposure for John Cullum - Los Angeles Times, 11/29/93

Corbin breaks leg, foot - Seattle Times 12/19/03


Northern Light: Northern Exposure's Cynthia Geary is a new mom on TV and Luke Perry's wife in 8 Seconds - People Magazine, 2/21/94

A Bit of Cicely in Poland : Fans Find Post-Communism Respite With 'Northern Exposure' - LA Times, 7/28/94

Northern Exposure lawsuit - 1994

Mike's collection of articles 151-201 (PDF 3 MB download) - various, 8/17/94 - 7/27/2010


CBS Moves 'Exposure' Out Into the Cold - LA Times, 1/14/95

Roslyn's TV exposure comes to an end - Yakima Herald-Republic, 5/25/95

Farewell to Cicely - Quirky treatment of 'Exposure' an ironic end to a graceful series - Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/31/95

Gracefully Accepting the End of Northern Exposure - LA Times, 7/26/95

Exposing Northern Exposure: An Exercise in Creating Themes - Kristin Wright and Julio Vigil, 10/95

Watching TV as an Active Process: Northern Exposure - Benjamin Symes, 11/25/95

Northern Exposure Finale: Metacomedy vs. Tragedy - John V. Cody, 1995

1996 to 1999:

After exposure, town is open to new future - Seattle Times, 3/28/97

100 Greatest Episodes of All Time - TV Guide, 6/28/97

Roslyn puts on its Alaska face for a 'Northern Exposure' reunion - The Seattle Times, 8/19/97

'Northern Exposure' actress returns as a Southern belle - Detroit Free Press, 4/16/98

'Naturally Native' A Natural For Nashville's Kimberly Guerrero - The Tennessean (Nashville), 6/7/98
(Kimberly Guerrero played Bonnie on 5.8 Heal Thyself)

'Northern Exposure' veteran carves a niche in local theater scene - The Seattle Times, 8/5/99

Actress is force behind new theater group in Woodinville - The Seattle Times, 8/13/99

Actress injured in car accident - The Seattle Times, 12/24/99

2000 to 2005:

Chilling Out: After Northern Exposure, Cynthia Geary opted for motherhood over career - People Magazine, 12/18/01

FlixUSA Interview with Barry Corbin - FlixUSA web site, 2002

'The Good Men': A Sexually Obsessed Priest and the Inquisition - New York Times, 1/20/02
(A review of Charmaine Craig's new novel. She played Heather Haines in season 6)

Interview to Mr. Cullum (by fan "Nikita Fleischman") - 4/2/02 (English and Spanish)

Twenty Questions (John Cullum) - American Theatre, 5/1/02

Under Exposure: Former TV star Rob Morrow is making career moves out of the limelight - People, 5/3/02

SOME TV DISCS SUB OUT ORIGINAL SONGS Northern Exposure, Quantum Leap fans complain -, 1/7/05

Copyrights Keep TV Shows off DVD - WiredNews, 3/1/05

Interview with Cynthia Geary - Sílvia "Niki" Colominas, 10/23/05

Remembering Peg Phillips - Robert Segal, NPR All Things Considered, 11/13/02

2006 to the present:

John Corbett Finds Peace of Mind in Ohio Valley - The Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register, 1/15/06

Back to the 90s: Northern Exposure - People Magazine (regular edition), 7/10/06

Back to the 90s: Northern Exposure - People (special edition), 7/06

Undated and Miscellaneous:

Against the Night: Northern Lights - Brian Patterson

Aimee's Creedo - Aimee Parrott

Happy Holidays

List of Movies with Multiple NoEx Cast Members - Started by Jason A. on, no date

You Know You're an NX fan When ... - Compiled by Jason A. on, no date


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