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People Magazine, July 10, 2006 (Regular edition)
Photograph - Alison Dyer

Northern Exposure: 1990-1995
This series about a New York doctor sent to a small town Alaska blazed a Yukon trail of oddball plotlines and wry humanity and struck a chord with viewers in the lower 48. "It was a show about a place everybody wished existed," says costar Barry Corbin.

Where are they now?
Rob Morrow: Dr Joel Fleishman
Now starring on CBS's Numb3rs, Morrow, 43, recalls the show fondly, but don't page him for an Exposure reunion movie. "I don't want to repeat myself," he says.

Janine Turner: Maggie O'Connell
Turner, 43, who went on to star in Lifetime's Strong Medicine, now lives near Dallas with daughter Juliette, 8. "People still call me Maggie," she says.

Barry Corbin: Maurice Minnifield
The twice-divorced Corbin, 65, has recently costarred on The WB's One Tree Hill. When not working, he relaxes on his 15-acre ranch near Fort Worth, Texas.

Cynthia Geary: Shelly Tambo
"I'm enjoying motherhood," says Geary, 41, who gave birth in January to Lyla, her second daughter with husnad Robert Coron, a real-estate developer.

Elaine Miles: Marilyn Whirlwind
With acting gigs sporadic, "I started doing stand-up comedy about five years ago," says Miles, 46, a single mom to son Dustin, 12. "I do a lot of Indian casinos."

Darren E. Burrows: Ed Chigliak
The actor, 39, who's half Native American, shares a ranchette outside Los Angeles with wife Melinda Delgado, a French chef, and their four sons, ages 3 to 11.

John Corbett: Chris Stevens
Corbett, 45, recently quit acting to pursue a country music career. The cover photo for his debut CD was taken by girlfriend Bo Derek, who also appears in the video for his first single.

John Cullum: Holling Vincouer
At 76, "I'm still kicking," says the stage veteran (Show Boat, Urinetown). Married for 47 years to playwright and dancer Emily Frankel, he now perfoms mostly off-Broadway.

Then: "It was a homey type of show," says Miles (far left, in a 1992 cast photo). "It didn't have any violence."

Now: From left: Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, Barry Corbin, Cynthia Geary, Elaine Miles and Darren E. Burrows moose around. [click on photos for a larger view]


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