Cicely's Quirky Christmas List





TV Guide 12/21/91 (Vol 39 No. 51 Issue #2021)

Like everything else in TV's most eccentric town, gift-giving is a challenge to the citizenry's resourcefulness.
The show's writers offer these holiday tips.

Film buff Ed will buy videos: for former astronaut Maurice, "The Right Stuff," for love kitten Shelly, "Lolita"; for New Yorker Joel, "Manhattan," who also gets Statue of Liberty coasters.

Maurice, the wheeler-dealer, gets the same thing for everyone: NASA key rings, and a copy of the coffee-table book "Historic Bridges of England and the Wales," both items ordered in bulk at discount.

Understanding the need for fiber up here on the tundra, Marilyn gives a dried-fruit selection to Maurice. For girlfriends, Shelly, Maggie and Ruth-Anne, handmade, dyed-ostrich-feather earrings from her ostrich farm.
Ruth-Anne congratulated Maurice on his brood, but clearly doesn't approve of the illegitimate family he spawned during his assignment in Korea. Her gift: a Planned Parenthood donation.
For his steadfast and stone-faced receptionist, Marilyn, Joel buys a daily appointment book; for the rest of his Cicelian clientele, free flu shots to get them through the long, cold winter nights ahead.
Airplane jockey and engine afficionado Maggie wants to reward klutzy Dr. Joel (her boyfriend wannabe) for saving their lives by fixing her stalled prop with a set of crescent wrenches of his own.
Shelly, who once had a beautician friend make-over Ruth-Anne, would like to send Maggie to Juneau for a similar overhaul. For her lover Holling, a Shower Massage. For all else, home-made potholders.
After taking baby-doll girlfriend Shelly up on her Shower Massager offer, saloon-owner Holling will feel generous enough to offer Ed 50 free plays on his favorite pinball machine.
DJ Chris, the hinterland's hippest gift-giver, has the town's most eclectic list. For mystical Ed, "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell; for rock-hungry Shelly, the latest Metallica LP.

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