5.15 Hello, I Love You

Chris: It looks like a fine winter's morning out there at the 63rd latitude. Jack frost is tagging up those window panes, hot java, english muffins, locked and loaded. The word on the street is that the Tambo-Vincour addition is due to pop out and see it's shadow manana. From the safety of the womb to the bright unknown. Hey little one, you got 843 expectant aunts and uncles out here all queued up for a little koochie koochie koo. (6)

Original Air Date(1): January 31, 1994

Production Number (7): 77714

Written by(1): Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess

Directed by(1): Michael Fresco

Log line(1): Shelly finally gives birth; Ruth-Anne and Walt (guest star Moultrie Patten) are stranded overnight; Maggie and Joel become less competitive.

Synopsis(1): Joel wants to fly Shelly, two weeks overdue, to Anchorage to induce labor. She is apprehensive, wondering if the new baby will like her. At the Laundromat, Shelly meets Miranda, Randi for short, at various stages of youth, and realizes the girl is her future daughter, traveling through time to assure her mother that all is well. At their last meeting, eighteen-year-old Randi (guest star Maureen Flannigan) accurately reveals that she will be born that very day.

Still trying to get a relationship off the ground, Maggie and Joel attend Marilyn's knitting class Maggie, the pro coaching Joel, chafes when Marilyn compliments him. Later, Maggie shows him how to cut firewood with a chainsaw; she outdoes him on Indian food; he responds by correcting her on a medical topic.

Ruth-Anne and Walt drive to Cantwell for for some used display cases. After she accidentally drives the truck in low gear, it stalls. Unwilling to burn a display case for warmth, they trek in the snow for kindling. In the morning she fixes the truck, but the heavy display cases must be abandoned. On the way home they hear over KBHR that Shelly has given birth, and they share a celebratory toast over ice cream.

Guest Stars(5):
Walt - Moultrie Patten
Miranda-at-Seven - Kaley Cuoco
Miranda-At-Twelve - Lindsey Parker
Miranda-At-Eighteen - Maureen Flannigan
Sanford - Rod Pilloud
Mick - Colton D. Jones

Trivia(2): [Note: This is word-for-word from the Revised NE Bible.] Go Cynthia. She deserves an emmy for this knock-out performance. (Check out the heartbreaking Miranda at 21 [sic.] scene). Yes I'm serious. [Note: the final Miranda is listed as 18 years old in the NX book and the MCA Promotional Kit.]

WALT GETS HIS BIG BREAK! When star player Barry Corbin breaks his leg, his part is rewritten for this year's real breakout character. [Note: Barry Corbin broke his leg in a horse-riding incident.]

Music: (3) [Note: there is a lot more music that isn't listed on the Moose's Guide and the NX Book 1st Edition ends at 4.10 Crime & Punishment for its music listings.]
You're Cheatin Again - Cat Blues


• Kick It Up - John Michael Montgomery

• Bad Guy Reaction - Rezillos

Shelly's Earrings:
Toliets "Little Poopers" [Meets 7-year-old Miranda in the Laundrymat.]
Hearts [Tells 18-year-old Miranda good luck in the Dallas Cheerleader tryouts.]

Additional Notes:
Cantwell = Cle Elum, WA. When Ruth-Anne and Walt pick up the cases, there are several business names. One of them is the Caboose Tavern - this is located at 115 E 1st St. in Cle Elum.

Baby Miranda Bliss is Cicely's 844th citizen. She is 8 lbs, 8 oz., 23 inches. She was born at Happy Hour. Jared is her future little brother.

Ruth-Anne's bedtime treat = butterbrickle ice cream.

One of the very few (maybe two) episodes that ends without music - just Holling and Shelly with the baby.

Missing scene on Hallmark: Joel calls for hot water and Holling dumps the pasta from a pot of hot water.

This is one of my top 5 favorite episodes.

Footnotes and additional research:
1. The Revised and Updated Northern Exposure Book, 2nd Ed. by Louis Chunovic (1995)
2. Revised NE Bible: New and Improved fro 94-95 season! Memo from: Ursula Wendel and Cynthia Cohen- Gugisch
3. Print-out of Jude Shabry's music list from the Moose's Guide to Northern Exposure.
4. Intertain 2000 collection of NX music online
5. Geoff's Miscellany- episode guide for 5.15
6. Kevin Wright's Culture NX Quotes for Season 5.

Created 1/28/02

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