4.15 Learning Curve





Original Air Date: February 8, 1993 • Production number: 77616
Written by: Jeffrey VlamingDirected by: Michael Vittes

Joel: I'll be in my office should a patient choose to darken our door.

Log line (1): Much to Joel's distress, Marilyn goes on vacation by herself; Holling attempts to earn his high school diploma; the regional teacher spends two weeks in Cicely and almost becomes a role model for Maggie.
Synopsis (1):

When Marilyn announces her plan to spend her vacation in Seattle alone, on an adventure, Joel is immediately worried. Against Marilyn's protests, he arranges to have a car meet her at the airport and take her to a large, safe hotel, at which he makes reservations for her. After calling to check on her, Joel discovers she did not meet the car and never checked-in at the hotel. Overcome with worry, he makes a deal with Maurice, trading the addition of two months to his contract for the money to buy an airline ticket to Seattle to search for Marilyn.

Holling decides that Shelly deserves a man with a high school diploma and he sets out to earn it Forced to attend class with very young children, Holling has to struggle to go beyond his self-taught ways of reading, writing, and arithmetic and learn how to do them properly.

The new regional teacher, Jane Harris (guest star Jo Anderson), who travels between the local towns, immediately catches Maggie's attention when she arrives in her own new, top-of-the-lin plane. Maggie develops a tremendous respect for Jane one learning about her escapades piloting tanker in the Gulf War, but she immediately loses it when Jane declares that she doesn't believ women are emotionally stable enough to fly combat.

(Production Bible):

The Indians receive bi-annual money from their "Prudhoe Bay Corporation". Marilyn receives a check for five thousand dollars.

Holling and Shelly's plumber is named Walt Beauchamp.

Guest stars (9): Red Murphy - Paul Walsh
Jane Harris - Jo Anderson
Stuart - Brian Feinstein
Detective McNamara - George Catalano

[Help! I need names of some of these tunes - email me.]

Theme from A Summer Place - Percy Faith
[While Marilyn packs for her trip.] (Danke, Volker!)

• Italian? tune playing at Ruth-Anne's while Jane and Maggie talk about women flying combat.

• cajun tune at the Brick when Shelly sees Holling's new pocket protector.

Ojibway Square Dance - Georgia Wettlin-Larsen (on the More Music from Northern Exposure)
[Marilyn in Seattle.]

• same music that plays when Shelly shows Holling puppet show - here she gives Holling a pep talk

Searchin - The Coasters
[Joel looks for Marilyn in Seattle].(Thanks, Mags!)

• something country in the Brick. Holling gets his diploma; Maggie apologizes to Jane.

A Funeral in My Brain - David Schwartz (on the Northern Exposure: Music From the Television Series.)
[Joel finds Marilyn at the Zoo; the two walk off.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

A blue and red orb and something rectangular (book?) [Talks to Holling about getting his schoolwork done.]
rulers? [Helps Holling study.]

Ed’s T-shirts: *This is a new list I am starting. Please email me additions.

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