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Joel: You're right. You've got yourself a regular loony bin here. It's absolutely incredible that you survived. I guess you're made of something. (6)

Original Air Date(1): February 1, 1993

Production Number: 77519

Written by(1): Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess

Directed by(1): Michael Katleman

Log line(1): Maggie bribes Joel into accompanying her to her grandmother's birthday party in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Synopsis(1): Maggie is forced to bribe Joel with a pair of front-row tickets to a Knicks-Pistons basketball game to have him come with her to Grosse Pointe, Michigan, for her grandmother's eightieth birthday.

Once there, they find her family in a state of total chaos. Maggie's grandmother has locked herself in the bathroom, insisting she does not want to face another family party. Maggie's mother is overly concerned about what everyone thinks about the guest-of-honor refusing to attend the celebration. Maggie's sister-in-law announces she has decided to leave her husband, and Maggie's high school boyfriend is still vying for her attention. Even the family's minister admits that he hates helping people deal with their personal problems!

At the end of the party, Joel has a new respect for Maggie having survived such a crazy family.

Jed: So is Maggie still into those moonlight skinny-dips?
Dr. Joel Fleischman: You and Maggie skinny dipped, huh?
Jed: Well, I don't want to tell tales out of school or anything.
Dr. Joel Fleischman: Can't be much to tell.
Jed: Why's that?
Dr. Joel Fleischman: Because all the guys that got lucky are sprouting daisies about now.
(From the IMDB collection of NX quotes.)

Guest Stars(7):
Stephie O'Connell - Lisa Waltz
Jeffey O'Connell - Dylan Baker
Jane O'Connell - Bibi Besch
Elizabeth Stowe, Grammy - Barbara Townsend
Eunice McCaffrey - Mary Marsh
Pearl McCaffrey - Marjorie Nelson
Reverand Dwight Harding - James Marsters
Jed Fleming - D. David Morin

Music: (3)
Ain't Too Proud to Beg - Temptations
[Joel and Maggie arrive at Grosse Point.]

• Bach?
[Joel talks with Maggie's family while she is upstairs.]

• Beethoven?
[Joel talks to the Reverend on how the Rev can't handle trauma.]

• Lot's of David Schwartz's piano music

• Happy Birthday

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