3.7 Roots
Formerly “L'Amour d'Argent” (The love of money)


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Original Air Date(1): November 11, 1991 • Production number (7): 77508
Written by(1): Dennis Koenig and Jordan BuddeDirected by(1): Sandy Smolan

Chris: “Einstein said God doesn't play dice with the universe, but I don't know--maybe not as a whole, but I think he gets a pretty big kick out of messing in peoples' back yards.”

Log line (1): Joel grapples with the possibility of a new start with his old love when his ex-fiancee Elaine visits Cicely; Bernard brings Chris his inheritance from their father, giving Chris the opportunity to go to Africa, as his dreams have told him to; and Adam becomes the chef at the Brick.
Synopsis (1):

Joel's ex-fiancee Elaine comes to Cicely after the death of her husband with hopes of sorting out the mess she made out of their breakup. Bitter and resentful, Joel is at first unwilling to forgive her. But Elaine has been an integral part of his life since the third grade and slowly he realizes it is not over between them. He begins to feel like old times. Suddenly Joel and Elaine are faced with the sobering possibility of starting over.

Bernard returns to visit Chris and give him his half of his father's inheritance. Chris has been having strange, vivid dreams of African dancers and concludes that the money can now make the dream a reality. But as Chris is making travel reservations, he realizes his psychic wires have once again crossed with his half-brother's and Africa is Bernard's destiny, not his.

Adam hits Joel up for $100 to pay an insurance premium. But when Joel refuses, Adam resorts to desperate measures -- he bets Holling $100 that he could have people lining up around the restaurant to get in. The diners of Cicely are in for a culinary treat.

(Production Bible)

Chris' dad: a bum; Bernard's dad: dependable, solid, upwardly mobile; it's been three years since he died. Joel got an “A” in histology.

Facts to Wax
(Production Bible)

Joel's truck isn't working and Maggie's re-roofing his cabin.

Eve is in Geneva getting lamb's blood treatment since her bilirubin count is all screwed up.

Dwight died of a heart attack; had history of coronary artery disease. Joel's not-to-be forgiven category: dismemberment of emotional well-being, annihilation of any hope of future happiness; “Milt” is Elaine's dad here; (in Russian Flu it was Charles Schulman ... maybe it's really Milton Charles...) Great State of Alaska pays Joel's rent.

Bernard's driving a Volvo 240 wagon; sold the Harley.

Guest stars (9): Adam - Adam Arkin
Elaine Shulman - Jessica Lundy (Also appeared in 1.5)
Bernard Stevens - Richard Cummings Jr.

African dancers - Djimbe West African Drummers & Dancers, Ceedo Sengalese Dance Company (Choreographed by Leon L. Mobley & Allasane Kane)
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Mandjane - Leon Mobley
[Drumming dance in Chris' dream.]

Poor Boy Blues - Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler
[Bernard explains their dad's will and gives Chris the check.]

Wild Side of Life - Hank Thompson
[Joel sits with Adam at the Brick. He complains about Elaine and Adam complains about the food.]

I'm Blue Again - Patsy Cline
[Maggie asks Shelly what it means that she found Joel and Elaine in bed.]

Dede Priscilla - Lea Lignanzi

Caballo Viejo - Robert Torres
[At the Brick: Adam tells Chris where to eat in Africa. Joel and Elaine talk.]

Beale Street Mama - Cab Calloway
[Holling pays Adam for winning the bet.]

Emabhaceni - Miriam Makeba (on Music from Northern Exposure soundtrack.)
[Endng: Bernard leaves, Maggie and Joel walk down the street.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Plates & silverware [Shelly and Maggie discuss why Joel and Elaine were in bed together.]

Additional Notes:

Language lessons:
Kesho (KAY-sho) - Swahili for “tomorrow”
Jambo (JAH-mbo) - Swahili for “hello”

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