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Original Air Date: November 18, 1991Production Number: 77509
Written by: Craig VolkDirected by: Bill D'Elia

Ed: Uhm .. it's for your grave.
Ruth-Anne: my grave?! You bought me a grave for my birthday?
Ed: Do you like it?
Ruth-Anne: Yes ... yes, I do, Ed. It's a great spot to spend eternity.

Log line (1): After grousing about the hunting frenzy sweeping Cicely, Joel sees firsthand what it's all about by outfitting himself to join Chris and Holling for the primal ritual in the wilds. Holling, however, prefers the home fires to the campfire, while, back in town, Ed fears that Ruth-Anne is being stalked by the Grim Reaper.
Synopsis (1):

Joel Fleischman is repulsed when he sees Maggie driving into town with a large deer she shot strapped across the hood of her truck. He continues his debate about the evils of hunting with Holling and Chris, who maintains that being a hunter is man's natural place in the food chain. In order to form a fair and scientific conclusion, Joel decides to join Chris and Holling on their upcoming hunt. So Joel and Chris, armed with rifles, and Holling, with his camera, head off into the woods, seeking grouse. Chris flushes out a flock and kills two. Joel misses. Holling and Chris are satisfied, but Joel wants the entire primal experience and, suddenly, turns into the Terminator, wanting to kill anything that moves. When he gets his big chance, he only wings a bird. He then tries to save its life, but the bird dies of shock. Reluctantly, Joel admits to Maggie that the hunting was great--it was the killing he couldn't accept. When Ed Chigliak finds out that Ruth-Anne has just turned seventy-five, he begins to treat her like a frail old woman. Struck by mortality, Ed decides to give her a present that will last forever. [See picture above.]

Background (2):

Chris' Uncle Roy Bower used to take him hunting in Wheeling. In prison, Chris had a pure moment of direct insight into the divine nature.

Holling's been doing the wild thing for 56 years.

Jerry Sweeny used to have an air rifle and wouldn't let joel try it.

Establishing: Ruth-Anne's Grandma Gert reached 99 1/2, but Grandma Ila never saw 50 (slipped while clogging; Grandpa Irv buried her in her clogs).

Ruth-Anne's last name established as Miller. (Husband Bill).

Shelly had a pet angelfish named Angel ... took her for a walk in a pickle jar and she died soon after.

Facts to Wax (2):

Maggie brings home a ten point buck.

Marilyn's an angler.

Ruth-Anne has a hairline fracture of the fifth metatarsal; Ed's working full time at the store. Ruth-Anne gets a card with poem from her son Matt in Chicago (megers & acquisitions). Rudy's the poet. Ruth-Anne's age is established as 75 (in dialog); last name Miller, cleared by deForest.

Ruth-Anne smokes one cigarette every hour. [**This is in the Production Bible nots but on screen they establish "Ruth-Anne smokes one cigarette every two hours, but will never stop cold turkey. " Thanks Chris!]

Holling's 63 (in dialog; already established in VANITY); father died when he was 110, mother 40 (NOT! In "Dreams" his father died at 104, grandfather at 106, mother at 42 and grandmother 44).

Joel's first experience eating a patient (the killing part was great: it was the dying part ...)

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Layin' Back
[Holling and Chris talk about going hunting. Joel joins them in discussion and ends up wanting to join the hunting trip.](8)

Again Tonight - John Mellencamp
[Shelly and Ed talk about Ruth-Anne's age at Holling's.](8)

It's All About to Change - Travis Tritt
[Shelly tells story about taking her fish for a walk; Ed looks for ideas for Ruth-Anne's gift; Maggie can't believe Joel actually shot a bird.](8)

Black Orchid - Peter Moon Band (listen to an MP3 here)
[Joel sadly announces that the bird has died. Shelly serves him cornflakes for breakfast after Holling has suggested eggs.]

Dancing on the Grave - David Schwartz
[Ed and Ruth-Anne dance on her grave.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

• A bunch of Silver Bells (?) [when Holling, Chris & Joel discuss hunting in Brick.] (Silver belle = Ruth-Anne?)

A bunch of fruit (watermelon, banana and a leaf?) [Ed and Shelly discuss Ruth-Anne's age.]

• Black Fish (angelfish?) [Shelly reprimands Holling in Brick about being cheery when Joel is down.]

• Troll dolls (sitting on pumpkins) [Joel tells her the bird is dad.] [Thanks again Chris!]

• Blue Poof Balls (pompoms) [Ruth-Anne's surprise party.]

Ed’s T-shirts:

*This is a new list I am starting. Please email me additions. [Thanks Chris for the additions!]

Neil Young World Tour (with a peace sign)
Purple T-shirt w/ dyed or bleached area across the middle

Additional Notes:

Ruth-Anne: Sometimes her energy scares me.
Chris: Shelly? She just runs on an open circuit.
Ruth-Anne: But is her groundwire connected? (6)

Chris to Ed: What do women want? I don't know, do you? Same thing men want, only in prettier colors. (6)

Footnotes and additional research

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