Behind the Scenes Biographies

Katharine Bentley - Costume Designer

"All of the clothes used by the actors on the show are not designed by her, though. Maggie's (Janine Turner) and Shelly's (Cynthia Geary) clothes definitely are--right down to Shelly's earrings. While talking with Katharine, she gave a suggestion and final approval to a staff member for a pair of earrings Shelly will wear in a future episode about an environmental problem. One was a miniature bag of garbage, the other a trash can. "Shelly's earrings always reflect one of the two story lines in each show," Katharine noted, 'and so do her tights.'" (Article)

Costume Designers' Guild Directory

From the Northern Kittitas County Tribune - Sew, let's meet the costume designer

J. Daniel Dusek - Location Manager

Dan with moosefesters Doloras, Eddie and Kathy at Moose Days 2001.

From the Northern Kittias County Tribune - Keeping the site in sight is task of location managers

Terry Terry Productions Workshops

No Sleep TV - Tribute to Phantom of the Paradise

David Schwartz - Music

"Composer David Schwartz attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Early on in his career, he mastered a wide range of musical genres by performing with such diverse acts as John Hall, Manhattan Transfer, the Boston Civic Symphony, the Glenn Miller Band, Howard Johnson, and John Sebastian. In 1990, David began composing music for film and television. His first network television series, the multi Emmy award winning hit, Northern Exposure, earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Composition for its memorable theme song. The composer scored every episode of the show for its entire seven seasons. Over the last decade, he has scored numerous television themes and series, including Maximum Bob, Leap of Faith, Beggars & Choosers, Wolf Lake, The Ellen Show, Brimstone, Cold Feet, The Oblongs, Everything's Relative, The John larroquette Show, Beverly Hills 90210 and Murder in Small Town X, among others. His film and telefilm credits include the soon to be released Indie Film, You Stupid Man (Denise Richards, David Krumholtz, Milla Jovovich, William Baldwin), Magic in the Water, My Little Assassin, Deadman's Revenge, and the VH-1 hit, Two Of Us, based on a fictional post-Beatles reunion of Lennon and McCartney. David has the well-earned reputation for being able to deliver his unique brand of quirky, original music, while remaining true to the needs and demands of the projects he scores. Although he declines to reveal itŐs origin, David is known in some circles as d.Fly" - From the David Schwartz Music web site.

Find the Northern Exposure tunes online here.

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