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Emmy nominee Cynthia Geary portrays Shelly Tambo, a former Miss Northwest Passage who co-habits with her decades-older lover, Holling Vincoeur (John Cullum). Together they run Cicely's tavern and restaurant The Brick, serving wisdom and wit to the locals. Geary was born on March 21, 1965.

A native of Jackson, Mississippi, she is the youngest of four children in what she describes as an "All-American Family." Encouraged at an early age by her mother, a voice and music teacher, Geary studied ballet, voice, and piano. Geary earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in vocal performance and graduated with honors from the University of Mississippi.

While attending summer school at UCLA during her sophomore year of college, Geary fell in love with the West Coast. After relocating to Los Angeles upon graduation, she waited tables while honing her craft. In classic Hollywood fashion, she was discovered by a talent manager who helped launch her professional career. Her acting career began with a series of national commercials, including spots for Coke and General Motors.

After landing the lead role in Senior Prom, a two-person play at the Off-Ramp Theater in Los Angeles, Geary moved on to television. Her guest-starring roles include The Young and the Restless, Divorce Court, Adam 12, and Superior Court. However, she was not limited to just television -- her feature film credits include Rich Girl, Dangerous Curves, and TV movies Us, To Grandmother's House We Go and The Awakening. Since Northern Exposure, Geary also starred in 8 Seconds and the independent film Smoke Signals. In 1998, she played lawyer, Lindsay Metcalf, in the WB TV series You're the One.

She married Robert Coron, a commercial real estate broker, on Oct. 1, 1994. The couple met on a blind date. They live near Seattle. Daughter Olivia was born in July 2000 and daughter Lyla was born in January 2006.

Cynthia Geary in You're the One

Cynthia Geary

Cynthia Geary

In 2002, Cynthia Geary's film project The Business of Fancydancing debuted at the Sundance Film Festival's Prospector Square Theater. The film is the directorial debut of "Smoke Signals" writer Sherman Alexie. Other NX cast members co-star: Elaine Miles and Michelle St. John (who played Debbie 'Something' in 4.17 Love's Labour Mislaid), who are reunited with their Smoke Signals co-star Evan Adams.

Geary also participated in an independent film project in 2002, Welcome to Mulletville. The film won Best Feature from the New Jersey International Film Festival. Geary played herself in the 2003 kung-fu farce, Four Fingers of the Dragon.

Today, Geary is a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters, and still acts occasionally. She appeared at the 2004 Moosefest with her husband. Fans heard many great stories of working on Northern Exposure. In 2006, she appeared in an independent film called Expiration Date, a romantic comedy about a young man about to turn 25, and both his father and grandfather were killed by milk trucks on their 25th birthday. It is being filmed in the Seattle area.

Geary also appeared in an independent film in 2009, shot in the Seattle area in February 2007, called Crimes of the Past, with fellow NoEx cast member Grant Goodeve and guest John Aylward (Business Man in 1.1 Pilot; Red Murphy in 1.5 Russian Flu, 2.2 The Big Kiss, and 4.3 Nothing's Perfect).

Current Projects:
Geary appears in Nothing Against Life, currently being filmed and produced.

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Mask Project

I purchased this mask in the 2000 Mask Project (to benefit the Hospice of Metro Denver). It is now hanging on my NoEx wall in my moose room.

The plaque with the mask says:
Seattle actress Cynthia Geary is best known for her role as Shelly on "Northern Exposure," for which she received two "Best Supporting Actress" Emmy nominations. She has appeared in several feature films, including "Eight Seconds." Her upside-down mask depicts the Seattle Space Needle.

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