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See the NX Postcard project from fellow NX fan "Nikita Fleischman" in Spain.
Several items from the postcard box are now in the KBHR set in Roslyn, Washington
(as of July 2016)

One of my Ebay finds - a NoEx crew jacket.
it previously belonged to Janine turner's personal assistant.

"Mini-Moosefests" are when two or more NX fans meet up. This is one from March 2001 with fellow NXer, Rob Roberti in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. It was his wedding and another NXer, Judy from Syracuse met up with us.

Here we are: Rob's *beautiful* bride, Dianne,
her son James, Rob, Me and Judy.


Not only was it a mini-moosefest but the city of Toronto was covered with moose! They had a recent art project that placed life-sized moose all over the city - each decorated by an artist or group. See more about the Toronto Moose in the City Project here. This Mounty Moose is at the doors to the very, very tall CN tower.

Another mini-moosefest brought a Brit NXer
to Denver for a baseball game.

Thalia and me at Colorado Rockies in Sept 2000.

Another trip (may 2001) took me to the very unmoose city of St Louis but we got a stop over in Minnesota where there is a great store Minnesota! with lots of moose stuff. This is me with the big moose outside the door. Since I was only hauling carry-on luggage at this point, I chose wisely. I got some moose paper, a moose whirlygig (antlers spin), some moose drool soap (apparently this is a beer - Moose Drool ale - gotta find it!) and some other great moose stuff.

Of course, there was the first moose of them all - Morty!
He wandered though Roslyn and into our hearts.

This could be Morty in his pre-NX days? Who knows?

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