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This is a collection of links to various other fan sites, fans of NX who have unrelated sites (but just as cool), Actor fans sites and related links. I try to check these links on a regular basis, but if you see a problem, please email me with an additions, corrections or suggestions.

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Places to Chat about Northern Exposure:
(Email lists, forums, web and IRC chats)

My Cicely Yahoo Groups

**Northern Exposure fan board

Northern Exposure Lodge Yahoo Club

Moosechick Notes on Facebook

Updates on Moosechick Notes
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Moosefest on Facebook
an alternate place to read the newsgroup here (Note: this group has not been active for a couple of years but there's good archive posts)


Some great Northern Exposure Fan Sites:

**My Yukon Life (not specifically NX but very close)

A Chucks Connection (sneakers) to Northern Exposure

EpGuides - NX

Geoff's Miscellany - a wayback web archive (Thanks Lowell!)

Internet Movie Database - Memorable Quotes

KBHR Cicely Alaska: Philosophy, Art & Literature

Lambic's Northern Exposure

Meg's Moose Page

Moosefest - an annual fan gathering

Some mini-Moose gatherings

Museum of Broadcast - Northern Exposure

Ringtones -- Northern Exposure theme song in WAV format or MP3 format (thanks Kurt!)

You Tube Favorites - Northern Exposure and Moosefest clips


Northern Exposure Fan Fiction and other writings:

A Northern Exposure Valentine - a better end (fan fiction)

A Site for Hedgemonic Struggle

Exposing Northern Exposure: An Exercise in Creating Themes

Northern Exposure and Mythology of the Global Community


Northern Exposure sites around the world:

Zapatakov - Northern Exposure - Czech Republic

Przystanek Alaska -Poland

Rikun Villi Pohjola Sivut - Finland

Northern Exposure - Japan

The Greatest Fan Page in Germany (thanks, Volker!)

John's Northern Exposure fan site - Australia


Main Cast Fan Sites:

**Darren E. Burrows Facebook page

The Official Barry Corbin Site

John Corbett fan list

About John Cullum (official site)

**John Cullum Facebook Page

**The Official Rob Morrow Site

**Rob Morrow Facebook Page

The Official Janine Turner site


Alaska Sites (the *real* Alaska):
[Thank you Linda and Jason for links!!]

Alaska Native Cultural Center

Alaska Newspapers

Alaska Magazine

Alaska Outdoor Journal

Alaska Radio Stations

Alaska Screensavers & E-cards

Alaska Weather Cameras

Chicken, Alaska

Cordova, Alaska

Floyd's Images from the North Slope

Fly Alaska

Henk Binnendijk Alaska Photos

Ice Alaska - Ice Sculptures

The Iditarod


Aurora Borealis, Moose, Ravens, and other misc:

Alaska Raptor (Gift store has raven items)

**Alaskan Art (includes Raven ornaments and more) - Taku Graphics

Aurora Galleries

Aurora's Northern Lights

The Aurora Page

Aurora Web Cam

Classic Origami Cranes

Coldwater Creek Catalog (moose wear and more)

Denali Moosetracks Ice Cream

Kurt's Lucky Day (working on a TV show with John Corbett)

The Moose Yard

Mooseville Moose Gifts

Northstyle Catalog (moose wear and more)

Photographs of Earth and Sky (More from Wade)

Toronto's moose in the City Project


Northern Exposure Stuff:


More links to t-shirts, DVDs and more - marketplace

Roslyn WA area sites (and web cams):

Clara Church Roslyn and Moosefest photos

Cle Elum/Roslyn Chamber of Commerce

Curt C's Trip to Roslyn

Huckleberry House Bed and Breakfast (Tell them Moosechick sent you!)

Roslyn Brewery

Roslyn Cafe

Roslyn Rooms Vacation Rentals

Snoqualmie Webcam (pass near Roslyn, WA)

Vacation Rentals in Roslyn, WA

NX Fans with Non-NX
(but cool) Sites:

AJ Sloan - Artwork ("Celebration" - in honor of Peg Phillips)

Joe's Comedyorama

Henry's KBHR-like Kodiak Moments blog

Moonshadow's Home Page By the Bay

Stuff Related to NX, Cast/Crew, and Episodes:

David Schwartz Music

Giovanna Westwood - appeared as singer in 4.4 Heroes

Iris Dement

Native American Actors

Shamanic Connection

Solstice Planning Guide

The Trebuchet - Built for NX

Woodinville Repetory Theatre - Peg Phillps' Project

NX Ring Tones for Mobile/Cell phones:

More Ring Tones

Ringtones -- Northern Exposure theme song in WAV format or MP3 format (thanks Kurt!)

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