5.7 Rosebud


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Original Air Date: November 8, 1993 Production Number: 77703
Written by: Barbara HallDirected by: Michael Fresco

Leonard: The path to our destination is not always a straight one, Ed. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back. Maybe it doesn't matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark.

Log line (1): Maurice enlists Ed's expertise to organize a film festival in Cicely; Joel is pressured to join Cicely's volunteer fire department.

Synopsis (1):

In order to attract tourism to Cicely, Maurice decides that he needs an event, such as an international film festival, and offers to bankroll the happening if Ed will organize it. Although Ed's enthusiasm for film and Hollywood contacts are extensive, he loses sight of the business aspects of organizing the event, which salutes the brilliance of filmmakers Orson Welles and guest star Peter Bogdanovich.

In addition to Ed's turmoils with the Cicely film festival, he is grappling with the meaning of life and his place in it. While Leonard (guest star Graham Greene) seeks to learn the healing myths of white culture to expand his practice, he discovers that there are no unifying myths beyond Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and campfire horror stories. He realizes that Ed's healing myths are films and that, regardless of whether it is as a shaman or a film director, Ed must embark on a path to find the purpose of his life.

Meanwhile, Ruth-Anne, as Cicely's volunteer fire chief, approaches Joel to enlist with the department. He quickly declines but, when his own truck bursts into flames because the fire department was unable to arrive on the scene in time, Joel's paranoia takes over and he assumes it was a personal vendetta against him that delayed their arrival. Eventually, he decides to be a team player and joins the fire-fighting clan in Cicely.

(Production Bible)

Joel is now a member of the volunteer fire department.

(Production Bible)

Bitch, bitch, bitch. Woe is me, I'm stuck in Alaska. Put a sock in it Joel. You could be trapped in a little grey office in Lantana.

Plug of the week: Peter Bogdonovich's "A Year and a Day" calendar.

Do I call 'em or do I call 'em? Rosebud features two tantalizing stunts: Joel's car blows and Joel leaps from the top of a water tower. Can we expect car chases for the 94-95 season?

Continuing query - Ed: charming man/child or moron?
LEONARD: Hi, Ed. How's tricks?
ED: Oh, hi Leonard (uneasy). What's tricks?

Ed's movie references: "Reservoir Dogs", "The Magnificent Ambersons", "Citizen Kane". On the subject of which, should Ed be considering another career? The beginning of his screenplays never seem that good.

OUT OUT DAMN SPOT. Is it me or is Maggie always doing her f**king laundry?

Guest stars (9): Dave the Cook - William J. White
Leonard Quinhagak - Graham Greene
Himself- Peter Bogdanovich
Fireman - Cliff Lenderman (Also appeared in 5.14)
Doris (the Story Teller) - Peggy O'Connell (Also appeared in 5.11, 6.1, 6.10)
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Surf Riders of Waikiki

Banjo Blues

Nice and Warm - T. Benoit

What Am I Here For - Duke Ellington

One Morning in May - Mel Torme

Time Flies - Sass Jordan

Dachstein Angels - Wally Badarou (from Words of a Mountain)

Shelly’s Earrings: Black/white spheres? [Leonard asks about Paul Bunyon.]
Nacho chips/Pizza slices? [Tells Leonard about the stolen kidney story.]
Gold bars? [Tried to tell Leonard about the couple who found the hook on their bumper.]
Additional Notes:

Ed's script starts "A young shaman walks down Main Street carrying small totems and pulling a child's sled..."

Things I Own from the Show: Joel's green shirt!

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