4.5 Blowing Bubbles


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Original Air Date: November 2, 1992Production Number: 77605
Written by:
Mark PerryDirected by: Rob Thompson

Joel: I'm not the one who's talking about hot-waxing the elephant man here.

Maggie: Drop dead, Fleischman!

Log line (1): A mysterious new resident quarantines himself in Cicely, arousing Maggie's interest and Joel's disbelief. Ruth-Anne must also cope with a new addition to the community - her materialistic son, Matthew, who gives up his career as an investment banker in Atlanta in search of a simpler life.
Synopsis (1):

An ex-lawyer from Chicago, Mike Monroe (guest star Anthony Edwards), moves into a geodesic dome in Cicely to seek relief from his multiple allergic reactions to the environment. His selfimposed quarantine in this plastic dome earns him the nickname of "Bubble Man" from the bemused residents, who experience varying reactions to Monroe's plight.

No one is more strongly drawn to the handsome Bubble Man than Maggie, however, who quickly develops a personal interest in Monroe's affliction. Joel is obligated to provide medical attention to Monroe and tells Maggie that Monroe is nutsÑhis acute allergies are merely psychosomatic.

Ruth-Anne receives an unexpected visit from another newcomer. Her investment-banker son, Matthew (guest star Joel Polis), moves in after losing his job in Atlanta. He assures his mother he has given up his materialistic lifestyle and is a changed man. To Ruth-Anne's dismay, Matthew wants to relocate to Cicely and open a tackle shop.

But Maurice has other plans for the hotshot investment whiz: Spaceship Cicely, a planned community of luxury condos for the environmentally stricken.

Details (2):

Mike's fabulous prefab, geodesic dome was dropped in by helicopter (!).

Mike was an attorney in Chicago before succumbing to MCS. [MC: On the show, he also says to Maggie that he used to work in Minneapolis.] Joel indiscates that Mike was seen by Michael Reese, Mount Sinai and the Mayo Clinic, but no one was able to diagnose his illness. Mike used to be healthy as a horse - he swam butterfly in college, ran 400-meter. Mike can't read his books - there's formaldehyde in the paper.

Maurice loans Mike Monroe a NASA Mercury 7 space suit so he can go outside.

Maurice's company is "Minnifield Holdings International."

Matthew was an investment banker in Atlanta. [MC: Other son is Rudy, the poet/truck driver.]

Guest stars (9):

Mike Monroe - Anthony Edwards
Matthew Miller - Joel Polis

Dave the Cook - William J. White

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

On the Sunny Side of the Street - Lionel Hampton
[Ed drives to Mike's bubble.]

Italian Concerto in F (Bach)
[Ed brings groceries to Mike.]

I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Benny Goodman
[Matthew surprises Ruth-Anne.]

Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven)
[Mike cleans his windows.]

Quartet No. 68 (Haydn)
[Mike gives Maggie a tour of the bubble.]

Partita No. 1 in B-Major (Bach)
[Maggie and Mike picnic in the bubble.]

Ghost City
[Ruth-Anne tells Maurice to leave her son alone.]

Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks and Dunn
[Matthew watches the sotck report on tv, Joel and Maggie shoot some pool.]

Sonata in B-Flat No 396 (Scarlatti)
[Maggie tries to convince Mike to take a walk.]

On the Sunny Side of the Street - Lionel Hampton
[Mike wears Maurice's spacesuit.]

Shelly’s Earrings: Fish (Dolly Vardins?) or seahorses? [Talks with Matthew in the Brick.]
Blue Globes [Meets Mike Monroe on walk.]
Additional Notes:

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The "bubble" dome was built by Pipeline Productions outside of Easton, WA on the Circle 8 Ranch. I think it was removed when filming was complete?

Why does Ed have to wear scrubs but not Maggie when she visits?

Things I Own from the Show:

Joel's green linen shirt [wears it in last scene when Mike Monroe is walking along.]

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