4.16 Ill Wind





Original Air Date: February 15, 1993 • Production number: 77606
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Rob Thompson

Chris: “They say it's an ill wind that bloweth no man to good. I think our own Dr. Joel Fleischman will attest to that. For those of you who missed it, Maggie scored a one round decision over Dr. Fleischman last night. Right jab to the old honker. Pow! T.K.O. What better sign that the coho winds are once again upon us... My advice this year, don't fight them, embrace them. Know your enemy.

Log line: Drastic tension between Maggie and Joel; Maurice is unhappy when Chris saves his life; Ed is intrigued by death.

Victim of the cohos, unseasonable winds that incite people to violence, Maggie breaks Joel's nose arguing over a game. Despite his truce offer, a fight ensues.

Chris prevents Maurice from blowing off a roof. Thinking himself in debt to Chris, Maurice tries to free his conscience with a check for $30,000. As Chris decides where to donate the money, Maurice stops the check, having concluded the fall wouldn't really have killed him.

Shelly and Holling worry when Ed begins asking people's opinions on ways to die.

(Production Bible):

Marilyn stays home until the Coho winds subside. Joel contacts the offices of "Hoberman and Hoberman." (Josh's [Brand] attorney/buddy is Tom Hoberman.)

Differently-abled viewers called in to protest Maurice's line, "What about paraplegia? There's always the possibility of spinal cord damage -- God knows I'd rather end it all with a 9 millimeter slug than face life in a wheelchair ..."

Joel and Maggie agree although the sex between them was fabulous, it was an insane, isolated instance prompted by the Coho winds.

Guest stars: Enrigue Lopez - Joaquin Martinez
Kermit - Kermit Cooley
Townsperson - Jim Bower
Bar Patron - Al Denbeste
Dave the Cook - William J. White
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

The Sweetest Thing - Carlene Carter

There I Go Again - Vinx
[Ending - Maggie and Joel walk down the street.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Brooms? [In the Brick when Maggie punches Joel.]
Bunch of fruit (banana, watermelon,...) [Talks to Ed about death.]

Ed’s T-shirts: *This is a new list I am starting. Please email me additions.

Ed Chigliak's Movie References

(Thanks to fan Doug B for starting this).

Greta Garbo in Anna Karenina (1935); Warren Beatty in McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971).

“Seeing Maurice almost go splat got me thinking about death,” Ed writes to Cicelians in an open letter read over the KBHR airwaves by Chris. “Like when Greta Garbo threw herself under the St. Petersburg Express in Anna Karenina…or Warren Beatty freezing to death in McCabe and Mrs. Miller, hunched over in the snow. He just stopped.”

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