3.18 My Mother, My Sister





Original Air Date(1): March 16, 1992Production number (7): 77518
Written by(1):
Kate Boutilier and Mitchell BurgessDirected by(1): Rob Thompson

Joel: “You're just going to leave me with a baby?! What am I supposed to do with a baby?”
Marilyn: “Feed her.”

Log line (1): Shelly's mother drops in unexpectedly with her new twenty-four-year old husband, a baby abandoned in Joel's waiting room is temporarily adopted by the townspeople, and Adam undergoes the same changes as his pregnant wife.
Synopsis (1):

Shelly's youthful mother, Tammy Tambo (guest star Wendy Schaal), visits unexpectedly to introduce her daughter to her new husband. Tammy admits that she has led her new love, twenty-four-year-old Kenny (guest star Sean O'Bryan), to believe that Shelly is Tammy's older sister. The two women have an argument and Tammy apologizes for not being a real mother to Shelly. Shelly realizes how lucky she is to have her mother as her best friend.

A baby abandoned in Joel's waiting room is immediately taken in by the townspeople. As it is passed from person to person, everyone is very delighted with the appearance of the child and, much to Joel's dismay, no one questions who the mother might be or why the baby was left. Just as the town is falling into a routine of caring for the infant, and as Joel finally accepts that she is there to stay, the baby is reclaimed by her mother.

When Joel compliments Adam on his cooking, he is shocked at Adam's congenial response. Confronted by Joel about this change in his personality, Adam explains that he doesn't feel like himself, he feels... happy. Joel suggests that he is suffering from Couvade Syndrome, sympathetic pregnancy, a condition in which men, in an attempt to mask their anxiety over their mate's pregnancy, displace their feelings with physical manifestations of pregnancy itself. The feelings eventually pass when Adam and Eve simultaneously enter their second trimester and Adam discovers he is more than just an extraordinary chef—he is also a husband, a teacher, a breadwinner, and soon, a father.

Background (Production Bible):

Tammy met Kenny in Billing, MT at a Desert Storm parade. Kenny saw the Gulf of Oman while in the 48th mechanized battalion: maintained Abrams tanks. Tammy & Shelly drove "Slash" from Saskatoon to Winnipeg where he opened for White Fang at the Beaver Dome. Tammy once had her IROC towed in the middle of the night (didn't make her payment.). In the sixth grade, Chris had a crush on Angel Bailey, rose tattoo on her shoulder, gravity switchblade.

Facts to Wax (Production Bible):

Shelly MARIE Tambo (first time we hear of her middle name).
Tammy can eat six burritos at a sitting.
Holling drives a landcruiser.
Ruth-Anne is an atheist.
The Kamsepset Sink Hole (three mile cavern w/ Indian artifacts), one of our most faacinating natural wonders, according to Holling.

Guest stars (9): Tammy Tambo - Wendy Schaal
Kenny - Sean O'Bryan

Adam -Adam Arkin

A Woman Half My Age - Kitty Wells
[Adam talks about food preparation and hurst Dave's feelings.]

Laid Back - Zachary Breaux

Sleepy Steel
[Tammy walks into the Brick.]

Gimme Three Steps -Lynard Skynard (also found on the "Northern Exposure: Music from the Television Series")
[Tammy dances in the Brick.]

Viola Concerto

Scherzo - Koda
[Adam and Ruth-Anne chat.]

Diet of Strange Places - kd lang
[Holling serves Kenny a root beer.]

Shame, Shame, Shame - Johnny Winters
[Tammy, Kenny, Holling and Shelly eat dinner at the Brick.]

Paradise City - Guns 'N Roses
[Tammy tells the others about meeting Slash.]

I Could Never Live Without You - Enuff Z Nuff

Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers
[Shelly and Tammy talk in Shelly's bedroom.]

Too Weak to Fight - Johnny Law

Hot Club Stomp - James Dapogny

I Believe in Steel
[Tammy and Kenny leave for San Diego.]

Without You - Motley Crue

Shelly’s Earrings:

Hawaiian dolls (with grass skirts) (Tammy: You wouldn't believe what a doll Kenny is.)
Tropical fish

Ed's Movie References: Three Men & A Baby (1987)
[Baby found in Joel's office.] (Thanks John!) 
Additional Notes:

Shelly's winter coat - recently sold. (not to me :-( )
Baby "G" - real name is Barbara Jean. "G" is for big brother George.

Chris: As Baby G came to us, today she also left. Come to find out the little "G" on here suit? A hand-me-down from brother George. "Barbara" comes from the Greek meaning stranger. She came to us a stranger, but she left with another name, Friend. A lot of dichotomy in such a small package. What's the need to name but the need to claim a thing, make it your own. Angel Baily, 6th grade, rose tattoo on her shoulder, gravity switchblade. How many times did I write here name in the margins of my notebook, over every page of every textbook? Angel loves Chris, Chris loves Angel. They didn't have grafitti then, but if they did, I'd have tagged every bus and bridge in Wheeling, West Virginia. What's in a name? In the case of Angel, volumes.

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