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Books about Northern Exposure:

The Tao of Northern Exposure, by Patricia Kelly (2020)

This book is a compact collection of some of the best quotes from the charming and thoughtful, award winning cult 90’s TV series, Northern Exposure.

Northern Exposure and Phiosophy, by David Boersema (2018)

Northern Exposure was an award-winning television show that was broadcast in the early 1990s. While it was largely comedic, it dealt with a variety of fundamental philosophical issues and themes, such as the nature of the self, the arts, ethics, and others. This book is a showcase of many of the philosophical matters that were raised and explored—albeit always in a humorous and heart-felt way—in the episodes and characters of the show. It is a celebration of a wonderfully quirky and intelligent series.

Northern Exposed, by Darren Burrows (2013)

Part of Darren Burrows' Return to Cicely project detailing his memories and insights of filming Northern Exposure. The book is currently available in Amazon Kindle format.

The Revised and Updated Northern Exposure Book, 2nd Ed. by Louis Chunovic (1995)

The Official Publication of the Television Series (Based on the Universal Television Series "Northern Exposure" Created by Joshua Brand & John Falsey)


The Northern Exposure Book, 1st Ed. (1993) by Louis Chunovic

The Official Publication of the Television Series (Based on the Universal television series "Northern Exposure")

Exposing Northern Exposure, (1992) by Scott Nance

The behind-the-scenes, unauthorized story of America's most unique television show.

The Northern Exposure Cookbook, (1993) by Ellis Weiner

A Community Cookbook From the Heart of the Alaskan Riviera

Based on the Universal television series Northern Exposure created by Joshua Brand & John Falsey

Letters from Cicely, (1992) by Ellis Weiner

A Northern Exposure Book: Hilarious, touching and downright peculiar, Letters From Cicely, reveals the innermost thoughts and dreams of the whole "Northern Exposure" gang -- Fleischman, O'Connell, Maurice Minnifield, Chris "In the Morning" Stevens, Ed Chigliak, and more. Grab this chance to explore the lives of the colorful denizens of Cicely, alaska. It's like having your own barstool at Roslyn's Cafe -- without the mooseburgers.

Chris-in-the-Morning: Love, Life and the Whole Enchilada, (1993) Compiled and edited by Louis Chunovic

Based on the Universal television series "Northern Exposure created by Joshua Brand & John Falsey

Northern Exposures, (1993) by Rob Morrow

An intimate look at life on the set of Northern Exposure. Before Northern Exposure, Rob Morrow spent a lot of time between acting jobs taking photographs. When he moved to Seattle, Washington, near Roslyn, where the series is filmed, he continued to carry his camera with him on the set. Becasue of the intimacy he shares with the cast and crew he was given unusual access that helped him capture all of the people and happenings that are the fictional town of Cicely.

In Northern Exposures, Morrow shares some of his favorite photos perfectly capture the surreal quality of this imaginative show and, along with the introduction and warm and personal reminiscences Rob has written, Northern Exposure offers a unique mix of real life and make believe that fans will love.

Additional Books that mention Northern Exposure:

Two Aspirins and A Comedy: How Television Can Enhance Health And Society (2006) by Metta Spencer

Metta is an Northern Exposure fan active on the My Cicely Yahoo list. As a sociologist, Metta looks at how television can affect your health and outlook.

TV Weddings - An Illustrated Guide to Prime-Time Nuptials, (1999) by Marisa Keller and Mike Mashon

Ron and Erick's wedding is featured. Northern Exposure had always been considered a quirky show but this episode, television's first gay wedding, casued a great deal of controversy in some markets. Several CBS affiliates refused to air the episode [5.21 I Feel The Earth Move].

Film and Television In-Jokes, (1998) by Bill Van Heerden

Nearly 2,000 Intentional References, Parodies, Allusions, Personal Touches, Cameos, Spoofs and Homages

Television's Second Golden Age, (1996) by Robert J. Thompson

"Fans of 'quality TV drama series' will have a field day with Syracuse University professor Thompson's multidisciplinary examination of ithe return of the serious, literary, writer-based drama' over the past 15 years. Allotting full chapters to breakthrough series Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere, Thompson reviews a bit more briefly the histories of 1980s classics Cagney & Lacey, Moonlighting, L. A. Law, thirysomething, and China Beach and their 'quirky' 1990s successors Twin Peaks, Northem Exposure, and Picket Fences. 'The Future of Quality' chapter describes the networks' retreat from writer-based drama in the early 1990s and the return to it in series like NYPD Blue, Law & Order, Homicide: Lfe on the Street, Chicago Hope, and the number one hit, ER. This survey will appeal to several audiences: People readers will relish the gossip; Fortune readers will zero in on the economics of quality versus junk-food television; and readers monitoring media transmogrifications will find Thompson's analysis of TV's institutionalization of quality drama fascinating."

TVacations: A Fun Guide to the Sites, the Stars, and the Inside Stories Behind Your Favorite TV Shows , (1996) by Fran Wenograd Golden

Have you ever wanted to center your vacation around a favorite television program? From visiting Mary Richards's apartment on The Mary Tyler Moore Show to walking down the streets of Riverside, Iowa, Captain Kirk's future hometown, travel writer Golden tells how to visit the real-life settings of America's favorite programs. In addition to background information about each program, the author lists parks, museums, restaurants, and retail businesses related to each program. The book includes a trip to Roslyn, Washington (the real world stand-in for Cicely, Alaska).

Books read by Chris-in-the-Morning:

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