Chuck Greywolf

A Favorite Northern Exposure extra




(From Moose Days 2001 -
Chuck with Kathy from Minnesota,
and Barry Corbin. Thanks Eddie!)

Chuck Greywolf is our favorite extra on Northern Exposure. I first met him at the Cicely Fest in 1998. Chuck always brings lots of gifts and is a great person to know. In "real life," Chuck is a native american jewelry and art dealer. He also makes and teaches native drum-making in his travels. He currently lives in Boise, ID.

Chuck Sightings:
(This is an ongoing list of episodes and where you can find Chuck. Please email me if you have an additions or corrections.)

5.9 A Cup of Joe - Chuck bets with Marilyn in the background whether or not Chris will pass his pilot's license written test. At the end walks past Marilyn and Joel near the Cicely laundromat.

(From Moose Days 2002 - Chuck and Dan Dusek ride the fire engine in the parade. Thanks Linda!)

(From Moose Days 2000 - Chuck and Barbara.
Thanks Marie!)

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