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Darren E. Burrows portrayed Ed Chigliak, a young Native American with unclouded observations and an 180 I.Q. Possessing an uncanny sense of timing, Ed often appears out of nowhere, spouting bits of wisdom gleaned from the films of his cinema idols, who include Woody Allen, Fellini, and Francis Ford Coppola.

He was born Darren Eugene Burrows on September 12, 1966 in Winfield, Kansas. Unlike his character, Burrows is not Native American (maybe some distant heritage). His hair was dyed black for his role of Ed. He is son of actor Billy Drago, who often played Native American roles.

Soon after joining the Billy Drago/Silvana Gallardo (his stepmom) Acting workshop, he landed his first professional acting job in the horror film 976-EVIL (1989). For his next role, he spent three months in Thailand filming the role of "Cherry" in Brian DePalma's Casualties of War (1989). His additional film credits include starring roles in Vestron's Class of 1999 (1990), John Waters' Cry Baby (1990), and Steven Spielberg's Amistad (1997). Some more recent films include The Monster Hunter (1999), Lady in the Box (2001), and Forty Shades of Blue, which won top dramatic honors at Sundance 2005.

In addition to his role on Northern Exposure, Burrows had several guest star appearances on TV series NYPD Blue, The X-Files, The Lone Gunman, and Peacemakers. He also appeared in a W.A.S.P. video -- a cover of The Who's "The Real Me."

He has also performed in the Los Angeles stage production of Dark of the Moon, at the Crown Uptown Dinner Theater, and Simpson Street, at the Los Angeles Workshop. An avid outdoorsman, Burrows enjoys camping, motorcycling, and horseback riding. Former fellow cast member Barry Corbin introduced Burrows to western rodeo roping, and he has since mastered the skill quite well, often competing at charity rodeos.

The Sundance award winning Forty Shades of Blue opened in theaters in October 2005. Burrows played Michael, who visits his estranged father and has an affair with his father's Russian girlfriend.

Burrows was in a short film The Shadow of the Night in 2008. He also appeared in an episode of CSI in 2009 and appears in the film NoNAMES (2010). Currently he has several independent projects in the works and is one of he founders of the Driftless Film Festival. In 2014, Burrows appeared in Love is Strange, rejoining filmaker Ira Sachs, who also did Forty Shades of Blue.

Burrows lives in Missouri with his wife Melinda Delgado and four sons. They met on the set of Northern Exposure where Melinda was a caterer. She now is a successful chef, who keeps him well-fed.

Fun fact: Burrows was in a music video in the 1980s - W.A.S.P. covering the Who's The Real Me. Fellow NoEx cast member John Corbett also appeared ina 1980s music video. Burrows also has some tattoos. Now that we have Northern Exposure on DVD and high definition TV, you can see these under the makeup - especially in 5.8 Heal Thyself when he is shirtless.

Current and Upcoming Projects:
Burrows and his brother Derek have added a Facebook Fan Page, where Darren answers questions and posts.


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Darren and his filming partner, Bernie Murray, have put together a book and DVD about Darren's experiences working on Northern Exposure. "Northern Exposed" is a 228-page memoir. "Return to Cicely" is a set of region-free companion DVDs, where Darren returns to some of the filming scenes and interviews the surviving cast members. It's an independent release - only available here:

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Darren Burrows Facebook Page

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