Roslyn, WA aka Cicely, AK

Click on the numbers for photos. Click here for directions around town and here for directions to Ruth-Anne's Grave.

Map Key:
1N - Dr. Joel's Office (Cicely's Gift Shop)
2N - The Brick
3N - Barber Shop
4N - Roslyn Theatre
5N - Joel's Jail/Telephone Company
6N - Hardware Store
7N - Village Pizza (Harry's Inn upstairs)
8N - Ruth Ann's Store/Central Sundries
9N - Roll in the hay Barn
10N - Roslyn's Cafe
11N - Laundrymat/Video Store
12N - Maurice's Childhood Home
13N - Northwest Improvement Company, KBHR
14N - Cicely's Church
15N - Chris' baseball diamond/Pioneer Park
16N - Basketball gym/Cal's Asylum
17N - Maggie's second house
18N- Ed's house (2nd floor)
19N - Maurice's house
20N- Maggie's first house
21N - Ruth Ann's house
22N - Marilyn's house (*Note house was damaged by fire in Aug 2004)

1R - Roslyn Post Office
2R - **New Business**
3R - Roslyn Brewing Company
4R - Roslyn Museum
6R - City Hall
7R - Fire Station


** Please note map is being updated.


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